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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Special Report on Nick Griffin MEP’s Visit to Salford-Irlam Explosion Devastation

Special Report on Nick Griffin MEP’s Visit to Salford-Irlam Devastation

British National Party chairman and Northwest MEP Nick Griffin cancelled all his appointments today to personally visit the scene of the massive gas explosion in Irlam, Salford, and to offer any assistance that they may need, reports organiser Gary Tumulty.
On seeing the devastation, Mr Griffin said “This is terrible. I have never seen anything like this in my life.
“My thoughts and best wishes are with those that have been hurt and those that have lost their homes and treasured possessions. It is a miracle that no-one was killed.”
Mr Griffin then went onto visit the emergency rest station, where those evacuated from the area were sent, and spoke to several residents about their experiences.
“I spoke to one lady whose house was seriously damaged by the blast. She told me of a father frantically digging in the rubble to rescue his children. She was in tears as she explained how the man dug with his bare hands to rescue his children from what remained of their home,” said Mr Griffin.
A local pub very close to the scene was also visited as it was also used as an emergency shelter for evacuees.
“We took some toys and board games to keep the children amused paid for by the community fund that MEPs are allocated. It is for good causes, and I can't think of a better cause than this one,” said Mr Griffin.
“Even in such difficult circumstances, and amid scenes of devastation, the 'British Spirit', and the 'never say die' attitude is what struck me in Irlam today,” Mr Griffin concluded.
Keith Fairhurst, deputy organiser added, I know Nick's visit to Irlam meant a lot to the residents today, He was there early, and didn't leave till late, unlike the other politicians whose absence was remarked upon by more than a few.
“It was interesting to hear that Labour's Hazel Blears made a late fleeting visit, no doubt because Mr Griffin had been there all day,” Mr Fairhurst said.
“Only Nick Griffin, and the British National Party truly care about our communities, and we will always be there when we are needed.”
Salford BNP has set up a 24-hour helpline on 07909 674 006 to help anybody directly involved with this disaster.