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Monday, 15 November 2010

UK Workers Put Last Again in EU/India Free Trade Agreement

British Workers Put Last Again in EU/India Free Trade Agreement

A leaked European Commission document has revealed that in terms of the secret EU/India Free Trade Agreement, Britain is to take 20,000 Indian IT workers every year, even though there is a 17 percent unemployment rate amongst British IT graduates.
The shocking betrayal of British workers only came to light after think tank Migrationwatch released the secret papers on their website.
Up to now, the ConDem regime has deliberately suppressed all news of this treachery, even though British National Party MEP Nick Griffin raised the matter in the European Parliament in July this year.
The leaked documents show that the UK’s immigration quota for Indian workers is 40 percent of the entire EU commitment, nearly three times that of Germany and seven times that of France.
According to Migrationwatch, the EU/India Free Trade Agreement negotiations, which have been conducted in secret, will see 20,000 Indian workers exported to Britain every year, over and above any nonsense “migration cap.”
Migrationwatch chairman, Sir Andrew Green, showing his increasing disenchantment with the Conservative Party once again, called on the government to “end its secrecy and come clean.”
In an official statement, Sir Andrew said that this “looks suspiciously like a side door to Britain for 15,000 to 20,000 Indian IT workers every year.
“It is even more astonishing coming at a time when British IT workers are finding it increasingly difficult to find employment and there is a 17 per cent unemployment rate amongst computer science graduates who left university last year.
“It is time to end the secrecy and for the government to come clean with what is going on and what, if any, safeguards are being put in place,” Sir Andrew said.
The breakdown between member states has been based on the share of the working population of each member state in the relevant sectors and on the share of member states in the total number work permits granted to Indian migrants in the past by EU members, taken together.
The effect of this is that Britain's quota is 40 percent of the total while the UK population is only 12 percent of the EU. Britain would be committed to up to 20,000, Germany 7,000, France 3,000 and Italy 2,600.
* A footnote to the document reveals that some countries have insisted on a cap to Indian workers — ironically, most of them are new East European members.