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Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Islamic Fifth Column in Britain or Secret Army ?

The Islamic Fifth Column in Britain

Numerous incidents of anti-British outbursts across the country — including the refusal of a Muslim taxi driver to carry a RAF man in uniform — have given lie to the claim that the poppy-burning incident in London yesterday was the work of an “unrepresentative group of Muslims.”
The poppy-burning outrage — which is an obvious breach of section 154 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 — was committed by a group of Muslim colonisers known as “Muslims Against Crusades” which is, of course, headquartered in London.
However, the justifiable outrage over the incident, which was clearly designed to insult all British people honouring the dead in all wars, has hidden a host of other incidents which clearly show that anti-British sentiment runs very high across the entire Islamic community in Britain.
For example, one of the more recent incidents involved a young Royal Air Force man in Sheffield who attempted to take a taxi home after attending a family wedding in the town.
According to a report in a local newspaper, the “Asian” taxi driver refused to carry the RAF serviceman after objecting to his uniform.
“The 24-year-old serviceman who had been at a family wedding ceremony in his RAF ‘blues’ was turned away from the black cab by the driver who apparently became aggressive,” the local newspaper report continued.
The paper went on to quote a Vince McDonagh of the local joint ex-servicemen's association as saying that “Everybody is astounded that a British taxi can turn away someone in uniform at this time of year.” (Mr McDonagh’s mistake is of course to think that this is a “British” taxi).
The incident occurred last Saturday after the RAF man’s sister was married at the Sheffield Register Office. The RAF man’s father recounted the incident in the local  newspaper as follows: “My wife and my son went to get a taxi near the town hall after the ceremony to go on to the reception. When the cab pulled up they were about to get in when the driver said he wasn't letting my son in because he was in uniform.
"My wife asked him for a reason and the driver became quite aggressive in turning them down. He made it quite clear it was because my son was in the forces.”
The incident only made the local news, of course. Observers pointed out that a British cabbie who refused to carry Muslims in garb would have made national headline news as an example of “evil white racism.”
The cabbie incident is but one of many such outrages which have occurred up and down Britain.
In 2008, it was reported that British soldiers returning from overseas to Birmingham airport were ordered to change out of their uniforms into civilian clothes on the runway before being allowed to enter the airport building.
The outrageous order was made to avoid offending Muslims either working or visiting the airport.
Also in 2008, RAF command ordered its personnel not to wear their uniforms off base for “fear of being abused by hate mobs.” It was later admitted that these “hate mobs” were all local Muslims.
There have also been numerous incidents of wounded British soldiers being accosted and threatened by Muslims at Birmingham’s Sell Oak Hospital.
The cause of the problem is clear: mass immigration which has allowed a fifth column of Muslim colonisers to build up inside Britain.
Those who would claim that these incidents are the work of a “minority” would do well to look at the facts again.
In reality, they are representative of mainstream Islamic thought, and serve as yet another reason why Britain has to halt and reverse the Islamic colonisation of our land.