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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

British National Party Surge in Interest & Inquiries since Poppy Burning Incident

British National Party Head Office Reports Upsurge in Inquiries since Poppy Burning Incident

There has been a “massive” upsurge in inquiries and interest in the British National Party since the outrageous ‘poppy burning’ incident last Remembrance Sunday, reports party office manager Jen Matthys.
Quoted in the latest appeal for funds sent out by the party, Ms Matthys said the “phones have not stopped ringing since last week.
“It has been one of the busiest times I can remember since the historic victory of our two MEPs. People are just so angry at the sight of Muslim extremists burning poppies and insulting our war dead,” Ms Matthys said.
The shocking events have provoked an outpouring of rage across the country, and the British National Party has proven to be the beneficiary as outraged members of the public turn to the party, understanding at last that is has been right all along.
“No doubt, like all right-thinking people you were outraged at press pictures of Muslim lunatics burning the poppy and interrupting the two minute silence to honour our war dead,” the latest BNP appeal letter, penned by party leader Nick Griffin, read.
“These people spit on the memory of all those who suffered in wars to maintain our freedom and independence. Those who endured the Blitz, who fought in foreign lands to keep our land safe, the victims of Nazi oppression, who we helped to save,” the letter continued.
“To the fanatics this counts for nothing. They are blinded by a hatred of our history and values. To us the poppy is a symbol of national unity. “When we look at it we remember and take pride in the sacrifice of our forebears, relatives, friends and loved ones who made sacrifices on our behalf.
“To our soldiers it is a time to remember fallen comrades fondly. Muslim fanatics are not like us. When they look at the poppy they see a symbol of their enemy, a symbol of the values they despise and reject.
“They destroyed a poppy, but really it is the values that it represents that they truly wish to trample on and destroy — our values.
“The British National Party understands their motivation and desires. We see clearly their purpose and have no illusions.
“The Political Class believe that these people can be appeased or absorbed but we realise that this will never happen. Muslim fanatics cannot be bargained with or bought off. They see this only as a sign of weakness, of decadence.
“There is only one political party that has the strength of will and purpose to defend against these wicked people with their twisted views.
“Only the British National Party can defend our culture, values and identity from Muslim aggression and establishment surrender.
“We are fighting for the very survival of our nation and our children’s future. Deep down ordinary folk, folk like you realise that we need champions to stand up for our rights and way of life.
“You realise that the Political Class has long ago abandoned any pretence that they care about us ordinary Britons. Hard working decent folk like you are at the very bottom of their list of priorities. The Political Class is as twisted as the Muslims fundamentalists they court and to which they pander,” Mr Griffin wrote.
“I value all those who are prepared to help me in the Crusade against those who reject and despise the country that has given them security, prosperity and refuge.
“They are the enemy within; a fifth column in our midst. People like you give me the faith to continue the struggle. You renew me and give me energy to fight the enemies of Britain.
“By my side stand ranks of good, committed patriots. People who love their country and will take action to defend it at all levels. Our MEPs, councillors, activists, trade unionists and community workers.
“All are part of an organisation with one goal — that of saving our land and people.
“You can be part of that even if you can’t join. Give them the weapons to wage this war. Send a donation — whatever you can afford:
– to help pay for leaflets to inform voters;
- to pay for travel to attend demonstrations and counter-demonstrations;
- to keep the infrastructure that runs our party machine going;
- to pay for us to visit those who need our help or advice.
“Remember the images of the Poppy burners, the hatred in the eyes of the fanatics and say ‘enough is enough.’ Anything you can send to help us will be appreciated,” Mr Griffin concluded.
or ring our new national inquiry line 0844 8094581