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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Children in Need funded 7/7 terrorist propaganda, says the BBC NewsnightTV Programme

BBC's Children in Need funded 7/7 terrorist propaganda, says the BBC NewsnightTV Programme 

BY Horwich Nationalists

Thousands of pounds raised by Britons for the BBC’s Children in Need charity may have been used to recruit and train the homegrown Islamic terrorists involved in the 7/7  Islamic terror attacks on London.

Pudsey and other Islamic Friends

Some of the cash may also have been used to fund the propaganda activities of the Islamic suicide bombers who killed 52 people in July 2005, according to an investigation by BBC ,s Newsnight programme.
The programme has reported that £20,000 from Children in Need was handed over to the Leeds Community School, in Beeston, Yorkshire between 1999 and 2002.
The Islamic school, which also received large sums from other Tax funded public bodies, was run from premises behind the Iqra Islamic bookshop which the 7/7 Terrorist Bombing gang used as a meeting place and an opportunity to increase the radicalization of other Muslims in the UK.

Children in Need's chief Executive David Ramsden told the BBC Newsnight programme : I'm incredibly concerned that we did make an award to Leeds Community School over nine years ago .
well tough we at The Horwich Nationalists have always suspected the motives behind this annual Bourgeoisie fund raising event. And often how in our view the millions raised never seemed to be spent on the British People themselves but always seemed to be spent on ethnic projects in both the UK and in the never ending money pit of Africa.If you have made a pledge to this now apparent Islamic fund raising event we suggest you break it and donate any money raised to reputable charities such as the Poppy appeal and the Salvation Army or the RNLA.