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Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Iniquity and Foreign Rights Commission Better Known as the EHRC

The Iniquity and Foreign Rights Commission

The attempt by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission to crush the British National Party is an assault on freedom of association which will negatively impact on all Christians, regardless of their political beliefs, the Reverend Robert West has said.
Speaking in his regular Sunday sermon broadcast on Radio Red, White and Blue, Reverend West said the real objective of the EHRC’s attack on the BNP was “a political one of oppression of a political party and the dispossession of a people.
“What is crucial for Christians to understand is that this is also done in the context of a media, legal and government campaign against Christians and their views and values,” he said.
“There is a unifying thread in all this: the moral law which is under attack by equality/iniquity legislation, in the case of Christians and homosexuality, is also to be the victim of state bodies which now seek to promote the anti-Biblical religion of Islam and to attack the Biblical and Judeao-Christian teaching of nations and nationalism; the preparation for this being the equating, with little justification, of nationalism — especially British nationalism — with racism.
“This word, racism, is being used as a bullying and brainwashing term to stop British people defending their right to a national home in their own country in the face of what is an ongoing scandal: the invasion and colonisation of their country by mass and unwanted levels of foreign immigration,” Revd West continued.
“In like manner the word, Islamohphobia, has been invented to beat down rational thought and cogent analysis of the violent and anti-democratic nature of core Islamic texts and their mainstream sharia.  
“It is in trying to becloud the issues which are at stake that the Iniquity and Inhuman Rights Commission is seeking to do its evil work on Britain and our British democracy and way of life. We all stand to lose if it gains its wicked way.”
He went on to point out that the EHRC’s attempt to prescribe to the BNP who its members could be and what it believes in, “would mean the end of the ability of that viewpoint to express itself, and to organise itself, against the prevailing or dominant viewpoint.”
This logic, applied to Christian churches, would “destroy the Christian view before it could get off of the ground. 
“That would be the end of diversity and democracy; and it is that which is at stake in the current attacks by the coalition Government, and its New Labour forebears, on the rights of the BNP to have a view and to organise peacefully in accordance with that view. 
“We have here from the Iniquity and Foreign Rights Commission an attack on the freedoms and liberties essential for the civic space of all non-state bodies, including churches, within our society, and of the independence of civic society itself from state diktat,” Revd West concluded.
The entire sermon can be heard on Radio RWB by clicking here.