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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

BNP Leader Nick Griffin Attacks Twinings Tea’s “Mad Insult” against British Workers

BNP Leader Attacks Twinings Tea’s “Mad Insult” against British Workers

Twinings Tea have committed a “mad insult” against its British workers by telling them to train up their Polish replacements ahead of an EU-funded move of their factory to Poland, British National Party leader Nick Griffin has said.
Writing in a letter directed to existing BNP members asking them to renew their membership, Mr Griffin asked if he was the “only one who thinks this is madness, an insult?
“Tea is said to be our national drink. Twinings even supplies tea to the Queen. Founded in London in 1706 it has a long and proud British heritage,” Mr Griffin wrote.
“But Twinings are using taxpayers’ money to move British jobs to Poland. The tea company was given a £10 million European grant — partly funded by the British purse — for a new factory in Eastern Europe.
“The firm’s North Tyneside headquarters will close with the loss of 286 jobs. I have demanded that the £10 million grant be withdrawn from the firm,” he continued.
“Twinings has broken European Commission rules that ban any EU money being used to move jobs across the continent. I am frankly disgusted with firms like Twinings and Cadburys.
“They trade on their British roots but care little about our people. These greedy swine cannot wait to move our jobs to cheap labour countries to get more profit,” Mr Griffin said, adding that the move showed the urgent need for economic nationalism.
“We need to protect our industries and services so that our youngsters have a future with decent jobs. Only the British National Party says this.”
Mr Griffin said that workers at the Twinings plant, in North Shields, were even asked to train their Polish replacements before they leave their posts.
“Am I the only one who thinks this is madness, an insult?” he said.
The letter went on to point out that only the British National Party “speaks out for our workers and people. Labour has long ago betrayed the ordinary British worker and has become part of the Political Class they once despised,” Mr Griffin wrote.
“If we aren’t around to speak out and campaign against the export of our jobs, who else will — the Tories, the Lib Dems? Like Labour they are in the pockets of Big Business.”
The BNP leader pointed out that the party does not get huge handouts from big business as a reward for “towing their line.
“We rely simply on the generosity of ordinary people who like what we have to say and what we are trying to achieve. We are financed mainly by membership subscriptions and donations,” Mr Griffin said.
“Folk like you who join us so that we can speak out and fight for what they want. Please rejoin the British National Party today. We need you. Your country needs you,” the letter concluded.