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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Boltons? Multicultural Comfort Zone

Multicultural Comfort Zone. 

Bolton Patriot 

Figures, produced by the Department Of Communities And Local Government’s 2008-09 English Housing Survey (EHS), show that foreign nationals now occupy 8.4 percent of the social housing stock and that amongst occupants aged 16-40, that figure rises to 12.6 percent.

This is a particularly relevant survey for those British people on the housing lists in Bolton: despite Anthony Backhouse pursuit of the issue Bolton Council has said that it will not withdraw from its contract with the UK Boarders Agency, a contract which through the ‘Gateway Scheme’ attempts to relocate and house refugees.

In 2005 the council had a portfolio of 160 properties which were used only for asylum seeker and refugees. A number of large local authorities around the country have cancelled their contracts with the Boarders Agency but for Bolton’s political elite such a decision would appear a step to far outside their multicultural comfort zone.