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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Why haven't the politicians condemned the islamic poppy Burners

Why haven't the politicians condemned the moslems?

from the Bolton patriot
So have any of those MPs, councilors , dignitaries, Police and Union reps and so on, condemned the recent burning of a large representation of a poppy in public by Muslim extremists, whilst screaming 'British soldiers burn in hell’ during the 2 minutes silence on Thursday 11th of November?

Knowing that the principal reason for attending the Remembrance Day ceremony is to honour the war dead who went to war to prevent an invasion by a foreign force and to so maintain freedom, dignity and a better future for the British people in their own land.

If no one in government stood up and publicly denounced this disgusting violent hate filled attack on one of the important symbols, this incitement to hate, one has to ask why?

So, the very government that attends these ceremonies to honour the war dead are the very ones that have not only allowed, but encouraged these people to invade and colonise Britain, and moreover to be given every kind of freedom to defame, abuse and spew hate on our streets whilst all the time seeking to dominate the country. Now, why then, are they honouring our war dead who died to protect this land and its people from invasion, and tyranny? When this is exactly what consequent governments have increasingly subjected Britain and the British people to, and where they object are demonised and called ‘racists’?

What would the millions of the war dead say about the country they laid their life down for? Where the country as been given over to a foreign power, the EU without consent of the British people and indeed illegally. Where the very same people are now second class citizens , where the ‘minorities’ rule, and the majority are soon to be minority people in their own land? Where foreign criminals roam the land raping, murdering, robbing, as well as grooming young white girls, and moreover a land where criminals get the vote and where a MP say things like ‘The English are a race not worth saving’

If they the glorious dead would appear to day and objected to the state of this land would the same government who stand their today at memorials across the country , would they the same establishment scream ‘racist’ at them? Nazis? Fascists? Would they call them ‘less than human’?

The elite who stand there today with several illegal, unnecessary wars already undergone and more deaths of British people, they say for ‘freedom and democracy’ for a foreign land that doesn’t want it, whilst they destroy democracy in Britain and sovereignty of the British people right for self determination.

Westminster, the establishment betraying and dishonouring the War Dead and the people of Britain, whose future they condemn.