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Sunday, 14 November 2010

“Bitter Far Leftists” Attempt to Start Trouble over BNP MEP’s Address to Doncaster Sea Cadets

“Bitter Far Leftists” Attempt to Stir up Trouble over BNP MEP’s Address to Doncaster Sea Cadets

“Bitter” politicians who were too lazy to take up an offer to attend the recent Doncaster Sea Cadets awards evening, are behind a “storm in a leftist” teacup after British National Party MEP Andrew Brons attended the non-political event in their stead, reports local activist Ian Kitchen junior.
Reacting to the news that the Marine Society & Sea Cadets (MSSC) head office’s announcement that it had launched an official inquiry into how it was possible that Mr Brons got invited to the function in the first place, Mr Kitchen said in a letter to a local newspaper that he wanted it placed on record that he “was responsible for coming up with the suggestion to invite Andrew Brons MEP to do the awards presentation at the recent Doncaster Sea Cadets evening.”
Mr Kitchen added that he had already received a letter from the MSSC head office in London, informing him that his volunteer status with the Sea Cadets had been suspended while they conducted their investigation.
“I am a Sea Cadets volunteer of considerable standing, as are both my parents. None of our political affiliations are any secret, and this has never been a problem before,” Mr Kitchen wrote.
“Our professionalism and dedication to the Sea Cadets has never been questioned and the new attack on myself and Mr Brons is an artificially created storm in a far leftist teacup, generated by a bunch of bitter politicians who were too lazy to do the job themselves.
“Mr Brons was asked to attend after several invitations to MPs, the Mayor, and other figures went ignored and unanswered. Mr Brons was the only high profile community figure to respond to a request to attend, and his political affiliation had nothing else to do with it,” he continued.
“It is, however, simply untrue to allege that no-one knew of his political allegiance. Mr Brons is probably one of the most high profile politicians in the entire Yorkshire and Humberside region after winning just on 10 percent of the vote in the European Parliament elections last year.
“As a result, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the local Labour MP, who, it is worth repeating, refused to attend after initially being invited, is now bitter because Mr Brons took up the invitation.
“There is no justification for an inquiry into this matter, as the MSSC head office has announced. Mr Brons was not there as a representative of his party, nor did he make any political references at all.
“Furthermore, it is highly subjective of the MSSC to pass political judgement on the BNP’s policy. That is a subject way beyond the remit of a national charity which relies on public support and they have severely overstepped their bounds.
“We look forward to exposing the lies and hypocrisy which are currently being spread about this issue, when the time comes,” Mr Kitchen said.
Mr Brons was quoted in a local newspaper as saying that he did not attend the awards as a representative of the British National Party and no mention of the BNP was made to staff, cadets or parents.
"I gave a short talk at the end of the awards ceremony in which I referred to the great service that Sea Cadets can provide and the valuable experience that they can gain from their membership.
"Needless to say there were no political messages, party political or otherwise, included in the speech. I understand that the local MP and the Mayor of Doncaster were both asked to make the awards and both declined the invitation.
"I find the quotation attributed to the organisation's headquarters 'we do not support the views of the BNP' to be rather superfluous. As a charitable organisation they are not there to support or decry the views of any political party.
"I shall be happy to attend any other non-political events anywhere in my constituency in the future and I will behave as professionally and non-politically as I did on this occasion. I only hope that other elected office holders who are invited to such events can follow my example,” Mr Brons was quoted as saying.