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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sajjad Karim MEP North West England and the British National Party

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Written by Green Arrow   at  the The British Resistance
November 2010
mepOK, I meant to write about this guy for another reason but will kill two birds with one stone.  Sajjad Karim is the Pakistani MEP for the North West of England and is in the press for reporting that he had received threats from BNP members and supporters and had BNP scrawled on his property.
Now when moslems like Karim make these kind of complaints I tend to question whether the events they described really happened.  Surely we all remember when Shahid Malik was an MP and a minister in the Department for International Development, claimed on his website that he had been detained for 40 minutes or more by security officials at Dallas Airport in America. 
Of course the truth was something different.  Malik did not expect the US authorities to release a video tape of the alleged incident showing that Malik was lying.  Later the statement by Malik was withdrawn by his office after the video showed it took him the normal 8 minutes to pass through airport security but he never did apologise.
Then there was the moslem preacher who made a pile of money by claiming he had been abducted by the British National Party after first having BNP scrawled on his walls.  He also was lying but before being brought to justice, fled to Mauritius.  He was sentenced to one year in prison in his absence..
So you will understand if I am a little bit suspicious of the claims made by Karim, who on arriving in Europe as an MEP, helped establish the European Parliament Friends of Pakistan Group. Thought he was elected to represent the interests of British People.  Then again, blood is thicker than water as they say. Check out this story, where he is fighting for British Interests by demanding the EU continue to give Foreign Aid to Pakistan for decades.
Showing who he is really frightened of, Karim is also campaigning to get the names of MP's who voted to support the illegal war in Iraq, removed from websites in case mad moslems decide to track them down and look down their necks having first removed their heads.
So why does Sajjad Karim feel threatened by the BNP.  Well he fears that us infidels have taken offence over his objections in Europe to a proposal that the meat from  ritually slaughtered animals be clearly marked as being a Halal product.
Of course these labels would have meant that civilised people, knowing just what "ritually slaughtered animals" means, would have avoided the meat like the plague or Toxteth on a Saturday night.
Can you imagine the outcry if the EU were to say that they were going to remove the Halal labels from existing "ritually slaughtered" products?  Brussels would be burning now along with the rest of Europe.

Well that is one bird.  Now for the next.

Reading more about Sajjad Karim, I discover that he is a standing delegate to the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership(Barcolona Process) that is a stepping stone to the creation of Eurabia.  Check out the map. The blue is the current size of the EU.  The yellow are the planned future members of the new Eurabia.

And of course once those countries shown on the map are in the enlarged EU, all their citizens will be free to head west into the civilised world to assist with the genocide of the white peoples of Western Europe.