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Friday, 12 November 2010

Anger...The Hypocrite Media's Favourite Word When It Suits Them

Anger...The Media's Favourite Word When It Suits Them Print E-mail
Written by BC1959   
anger20X120Yes, anger... a righteous word that has excused all manner of violence and hatred over the years.  Anyone with a modicum of  interest in recent events, will have noticed the word used in the ''Anti Cuts Demonstration'' this week, as Anarchists and Leftist thugs... ooops, sorry, Union activists and Students, rallied against tuition fees and massive cut.
The streets of London were turned into a more realistic Third World scene, as news teams struggled to cope with the reality of extremism and Marxist destruction. The only word they could think of, was good old traditional ''Anger''.
Of course, when other angry and concerned groups gathered in towns and cities, and were confronted by ''Anti-Fascist'' and ''Anti-Racist'' protesters, many of them ethnic aliens, whipped up by the horse whisperers who engineer such protests, the word ANGER was no where to be heard. No violence or destruction of property is required or condoned, and the British National Party has many times, condemned the use of these actions by a minority of people, but alas, the indigenous Briton cannot escape the Media's ''condemnation'' of so-called thuggery and violence. We are not to be tolerated in this land of ''Tolerance'' and fair play you see, if you are ethnically British, you a a bad person, and all human rights are to be oppressed.
The so-called ''Right-Wing press'' in the guise of the Daily Mail, had this to say on one such protest last May:
Children were thrust into racial hostilities today as the English Defence League clashed with police and anti-fascist groups in Newcastle. Shops and pubs in the city closed as up to 3,000 EDL and Unite Against Fascism members took to the streets, chanting and waving banners. The two camps came face-to-face near the city train station before their planned marches, with UAF protesters chanting 'Off our streets, Nazi scum' in response to the EDL's chorus of 'You're not English anymore'. They were kept apart by hundreds of officers from five forces.
The headline to this story read: 
Children draped in English flags take part in fascist protest march through Newcastle.
Fascist? Children draped in their own country's national flag... Fascist? Now on the other hand, the demonstrators from the ultra-violent, claw hammer loving ''Unite Against Freedom'', or UAF, were called no such names you understand, no, not for them a campaign of hate and smears by the media. Even when the old lie about ''voter apathy brings results for far-Right'' is smashed as the voting in that Kent ward was above average at 31.3%, the word ''anger'' was no where on record. Anger by voters at the treachery, mass immigration, stealth taxes etc... no where to be seen or heard. Even hate-monger, and now former MP, John Cruddas was allowed to bleat:
The BNP threat in white working-class areas is a serious matter, with UKIP faltering, few local elections and the economy hurtling into recession, we will need everyone who opposes the BNP’s message of hate to play a part. A BNP victory will change the political landscape in Britain.’
He got that one right, and that is why the foreign owned and controlled media, and the hollowed out institutions that are infested by parasites of non-British descent, cannot ever, tell the truth. Because they are all in the same trough, and all pat each other on the back, as they fill their bellies, many homes, and faces, full of luxuries... at the cattle's expence. In another outburst of fake ''Anger'', one female MP in the north of England stated:
I am hitting out at the British National Party, for targeting parts of my constituency with a leaflet campaign.
And we thought this was a democracy, silly British people are we not?  There is one very odd thing about this particular case, as no address or phone number was seen on the ''BNP Leaflet''. The leaflets, seen by the local paper, Citizen, did not contain a contact telephone number or name, which the BNP knows is THE LAW. The only address is a Lancaster post office box number from where, it is claimed, people can receive a free information pack sent in an unmarked package. That's odd, as Lancaster UAF are very prominent there, and that town's so-called Anti-Fascist activists, have been the subject of ugly blog and internet based smears, and tactics that are completely alien to our hard won freedom of speech and the democratic process our ancestors fought and died for.
Now for a humorous look at the oddballs and lunacy we have, and will continue to face. But before that, let's remember also, this is an era whereby the EU can over ride national law, and have recently ''told'' this government it will have to allow prisoners voting rights, and that more money is needed for the Euro-Zone, and that immigrants have the ''European Human Rights Act'' to protect them from being sent back home... even if they rape and murder whilst here. OK, here it comes:
LANGUAGE campaigners yesterday denounced a bid by the BNP to appeal to Welsh speakers. ''Language Campaigners'', you see, they are angry at indigenous people, wishing to learn what is essentially, a part of the original ancient British tongue, and why? because they are members of the British National Party. This story is from 2004, and the ''Anger'' was because at that time, the teenage Daughter of the Chairman, now MEP, Mr. Nick Griffin, was to front the campaign in Wales. Our language must not be used by us, we must not remember, or even think of remembering our traditions, values, and heritage. We are white folk, and white folk must be ethnically cleansed at all costs. Anger is a natural felling, and one of the things that makes us human.
Now for the not so humorous aspect... where was the anger for all the white victims of race hate? Where was the media outburst over the vicious hammer attack on a member going about his business in the political arena? Where is the anger over Robert Mugabe's acts of mass white genocide?  No where, that is except in our own media and press outlets. It's time for another traditional saying to be revived... DON'T GET ANGRY, GET EVEN. Possibly, considering that all this was avoidable, and was and is aided and abetted by politicians, it should be:- DON'T GET ANGRY, GET EVEN... AND THEN SOME.