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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hands Across The Institutions or stupidity and ''Social Liberalism''

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Written by BC1959   
November 2010 
With the latest attacks on British Military reservists, poppy burning, and the usual array of rapes and murders, a more intellectual attack has accompanied the disease of our time, that of ''European Police State'' hegemony.
In some Sunday broadsheets as they used to be known, articles have appeared stating what writers on the former Green Arrow, now British Resistance site, have known about for three years or more.
We are now almost completely over the line between a free sovereign state, and a subordinate region of the EU. All three major political parties have ignored this, as have the TV and broad based paper media, so why did the Mail On Sunday, and The Sunday Express suddenly think it big news to do so?

Answer: They know we know, and that means the population at large, will also know as it filters down the system. It is more than appropriate that, an official department within the British National Party, is formed to offer an ''All Party'' remit to tackle the increasing dictatorial European Union, and it's dangerous ideas, which include total control of our police force, and introduction of an ''EU Centralised Gendarme''. Included in this proposal, is also a hands across the institutions, to organisations such as ''The Tax Payers Alliance''.

Before you all smile, and make comments such as ''Don't be stupid, the other parties will never go for this because it's the BNP'', we know that in advance, but once such an offer has been made, it is on record as being official.
However, if we are to forcefully gain access to the mainstream voting public, and also to debates other than in Brussels, where we have two excellent hard working MEP's, we must act as though we have those rights here, regardless of the name calling and smears.
The Tax Payers Alliance, is non-political, and many links have been made with such groups by other parties or members within them. In fact, there are ''Cross party Groups'', with many associations with other organisations dealing with serious matters that go beyond party politics.

There is hardly any time left, with which serious and dedicated people, groups, and institutions, have to halt certain agendas, or find redress to defined anomalies and unlawful acts by unelected red tape merchants.
The Conservatives, along with their new friends the Liberal Democrats, know full well what usury, undemocratic acts of betrayal, and treachery is doing to our nation, and still they ignore the dangers, so it is up to us, to fill that void, and at least attempt to officially stamp our mark on issues that cannot be kept out of the public domain.
Our tax system is crooked, and in fact, now illegal. Why? Because as many of us know, the original high tax status of Britain, was to fulfill financial requirements for a ''war chest''. Those taxes were never lowered, and as Britain was once the second largest economy on earth, manufacturing, and a low ''Social Security and Benefits'' cost, enabled us to keep clear of international debt mongering.

On the Tax Payers Alliance website, a typical example of stupidity and ''Social Liberalism'' can be seen.  An official post within Cambridge Council's employment department, has invented a way of someone, at tax payers expence, to earn a nice £15-17 per hour... as a ''Climate Change Officer''. Where did such an advert for this come from? Yes, The Guardian.  Non-Jobs are part of the problem of massive debt in this country. Whilst the bankers and big businesses that have links to Socialist organisations, especially in looking after accounts for tax funded organisations, ordinary people will not be able to pay bills, and still they make billions from debt related ''Social Programmes''. We seriously need to get to grips with this, and we must be seen to be promoting our sensible policies, whilst adhering to the norms and confines within the current system.

The often termed ''hard core and traditional British Nationalists'', have spent years dedicating themselves to our core beliefs, and we acknowledge them of course.  It is now though, time to understand that with everything as it is, a wider agenda, and more intellectual approach is required.
The ordinary Briton is waking up, and recently I myself was in the company of a widow, and a former Police Officer of some 30 years, who without blinking or hesitating, told me they voted BNP. So my fellow Nationalists, all is not lost, and the last elections saw a massive voter fraud programme, whereby hundreds of thousands of votes went missing, and even more came from nowhere. We are not lost, we are simply on a smog infested battlefield, and require a way out.

We should now be attempting to offer support to every single concerned organisation openly. We have nothing to fear but fear of defeat, and we all know that defeat is not an option. We are now mature enough, even with differences of opinions, to claim our rightful place within the halls of our own institutions, let's make sure we we have the tools and personalities to accomplish this.
Although the EDL is a proscribed organisation, and some may see this as wrong, as a political party led by those with vast experience in ''divide and rule techniques'', we must sit back and allow events to unfold.
Many people come up to us on leafleting sessions and table top events, and say they are with the EDL, but only because it goes on marches and protests, and some still only take part because they dislike Muslims. That is nothing to do with the broader Nationalist policy, as many don't even vote.
Former Councillor Russ Green had a rather disconcerting conversation recently with an EDL supporter. This supporter told Russ Green he ''votes UKIP because they opposed the Dudley Mosque''. He also told Mr Green he did not support all the policies of the BNP, and when asked which ones in particular, the fellow fell silent. 

Again, on personal levels, nothing is stopping us from looking at arms length, and seeing what develops, and even chatting to those people taking part, but as our good friend and Video expert Bertie Bert said recently: ''It's leader stood in front of hundreds of EDL supporters, and told them we have NO ONE to vote for in England''.
Surely if he was a serious contender in defending our nation from extremism and mass immigration, he could have at the very least, said: ''The only party we have looking after our interests, is the BNP''.
We need to make official noises as described in the above paragraphs, however, links to groups that ignore the fourth largest political party in Great Britain, and invite foreign religious individuals, whose own community (Zionists) have spent the last 100 years employing stealth, and underhanded tactics to undermine the west, we must realise why our leaders act the way they do. Not everyone will agree, but most will see the proscribing of the EDL, as acting with maturity, and not allowing years of hard work to be ruined.

An MP recently admitted that the EDL was more serious a threat than the BNP. If that is so, then we are on the right track, as it will be sadly they who will find the cosh of the Police State in their faces, because the media has already jumped on the ''it's the EDL that are making Muslims more extreme'' bandwagon.
There are dozens of groups out there, and other political parties can ignore us, or at least acknowledge us. We have lost count of the amount of good people, with genuine intent, whom have asked why the BNP doesn't ''join with others'' and fight the enemy. Well, now maybe they will understand, as for those organisations, it would not be worth their professional lives to accept our offers of an olive branch. It has been tried before, but this time we should make it official regarding the Tax Payers Alliance and others serious organisations who use intelligent arguments that are not strictly political, and with as many as possible.
Ultimately though, we must face facts... we are alone, and only the British National Party will take the British with them. Others may offer whispered and shaky support, but in the end, it is ALL others who will come to us, and officially or not, will combine to once again to take our institutions back, and provide our nation with pride, jobs, and independence for future generations.
The bailout of Ireland will put even more strain on other related ethnic folk, especially as it has now been announced that £7 Billion of UK tax money has been used to contribute to their economic recovery programme.
To sum up, even if we are continuously ignored, we must contribute towards a debate where we cannot be ignored completely. We must open channels of communication with serious organisations that are concerned over sovereignty, economic independence, taxes, and every other far reaching act of treachery.
The British National Party and it's support sites, must then show the public that, the party has made attempts to do this, and show every man, woman, child, and institution we are serious, intellectually and politically relevant, and will not go away, ever.