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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

EU's new Foreign Service spends £33million on EU Ambassadors cars

EU's new Foreign Service spends £33million on cars

 NOVEMBER 2010: The newly formed European External Action Service (European Union's own Foreign Office)  has ordered 150 bomb-proof limousines costing up to £33m for its new ambassadors - that's equivalent to £175,000 per car.

 The armoured vehicles will be deployed even every day business where there is little or no terrorist threat, as well as the European Union's missions to Afghanistan and Iraq.
It is is all part of the escalating costs of the EU foreign service with its 'Ambassador', Baroness Ashton, paid almost two and a half times more than the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague.
Th EU's diplomatic service is an expensive flag-waving exercise, drawing vital funds away from national budgets at a time when money is in short supply in Britain and across Europe.
The EEAS's annual budget is £5.8 billion - more than twice that of the UK's own Foreign and Commonwealth Office.