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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

UK PM Cameron let's cat out of The Bag On Economics

cameroncommieThose red Communist flags, side by side with our Union Flag simply couldn't have been more appropriate.  Cameron, the so-called ''Conservative'' half of the Coalition government, told news crews that: Globalisation will go into reverse unless China corrects it's trade imbalance.

Written by BC1959   
Here in Britain, we were under the illusion that the Coalition government
was paid for by our taxes, to actually look after our interests and future prospects.
Meanwhile, to gauge what other countries think about all this, here's  
UKRAINIAN GLOBALIST, a rather garbled and unprofessional news source.

David Cameron became the new leader of a great country
David Cameron, as a successor to departed Brown, 
will not be repeating his mistakes, and take a course on
strengthening the economy of Britain, and the development of social programs.

Social Programmes?  It just oozes internationalist connections, and brings to mind what can only be described as ''a global conspiracy'' to outlaw national interests and indigenous people.
Considering the massive damage done through international treaties and other ''cash generating'' con tricks by all post war governments, one would have thought Cameron, could have at least honoured enough election pledges to seemingly give a damn about British interests, and it's long suffering, tax robbed people. Over in Turkey, the ''Sofia Echo'' ( had this to brag about:
British Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to fight for Turkey's stalled bid to join the European Union. Mr. Cameron made the remarks during his first visit to Turkey as Britain's prime minister. Cameron says he is angry that Turkey has not been allowed to join the European Union.
Our nation starves, it's people are murdered, raped and mugged, robbed of their inheritance as a free country, and he's angry?
This writer, and millions of worried Britons are more inclined to think: Turkey is for Christmas, not for life.  Now that Cameron and come to think of it, Clegg, have reneged on a plethora of promises and pledges before entering the money laundering club known as Parliament, we should look at what is happening to our country... that's right, OUR COUNTRY.
In January this year, two elderly people in their late seventies were left to die, unwanted, and ignored... and they were only two out of the 30,000 plus each year, in Cameron's new global society, his BIG SOCIETY.
Social services had ignored requests to help the frail pensioners, Jean and Derek Randall, and just a month later, both of them were found dead.
Millions of people face hunger and loss of home and business, as cuts and compound debt take hold.  No, we are not discussing Zimbabwe or some despotic Asian Communist country, this is Britain.
Amongst the millions of crimes committed each year, many of them by immigrants, one that sticks out as the rule, rather than the exception, was an illegal immigrant who was classed as a one-man crime wave.
Back in April, he was threatened with deportation for a fourth time after returning to Britain again, and attacking a police officer. Bag-snatcher Hakim Benmakhlouf aged 28, was back in a British jail once more, after being given a six-month sentence for kicking the PC who tried to arrest him at Heathrow. Thanks Blair/Brown/Cameron/Clegg, so this is the ''skilled labour'' Britain needs is it, because white folk are too lazy?

With the police now acting as two bookends, one as a military outfit to attack and hammer protesters senseless and the other to act as uniformed Social Workers, the media and Coalition government must ''talk up'' the economy, and tell us also that serious crime is down.
Many people forget that any globalist agenda, whereby we rightly worry about these issues, also means that our once stable, well priced, and much loved national assets are under threat.
This includes our rural economy, and those who are reliant upon work related to it. Andrew Brons MEP, and one of the most respected and erudite Nationalists, brings up the subject on his blog at just the right moment for an article such as this.
Whilst my Party has a United Kingdom rather than an EU perspective on farming, there are many problems that farmers and consumers face throughout the Union, said Mr. Brons.
His particular point of view recently, is exactly the same for many of us who value our natural resources, as Mr Brons outlined his and by association, our view that, GM infected foods should not reach the food chain for mass consumption here.
Also, we I am sure would all agree that, third world countries and food exports from those nations, are not inclusive of the high standards we enjoy, and expect.
Our rural landscape is being damaged by imports, immigrant labour, and the ugly trend, brought into play by a globalist agenda, to ''host international companies on former Green Belt land, because of potential investment and jobs''.
Readers are reminded that over the last two or three years, the term Green Belt has been replaced in some quarters, by the crafty use of the term.. ''Green Land''.
We know what's coming to a village near us, don't we? I am sure there are hundreds of business men and women in this country, whom, if endowed with the same ''grants and investment'' opportunities, would employ the same, if not more unemployed people here, and also, would benefit greatly from the export income we are seriously lacking through over exposure to inward products and services.

Lastly, over at ''One World'', a source for political globalism, there is much to be gleaned, as we now face cuts and debt induced slavery here in Britain.
British foreign aid is to be increased, even though Students here, are to be further clubbed by the hammer of debt.  Also, no commitment has been made to ensure indigenous British Students gain access to the home market.
The budget for aid now stands at £9 Billion, with an estimated increase to £13 Billion soon.  With Britain the fifth largest donor on the world's ''top ten'' list, Claire Melamed, head of the ''growth and equity programme'' at the Overseas Development Institute, tells us that we should ignore concerns about aid being ''lavished on fat cats and corrupt governments''... let's inform those white farmers in Zimbabwe then shall we?
Yes, David Cameron and Nick Clegg, both sons of bankers, are certainly making their mark on the world stage. Sadly, the only mark they are making on the British stage, is a stain of some considerable amount and stench. One we cannot possibly mention in polite company of course, but presumably you get the picture?