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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Equalities Quango vs BNP Court Case: An Overview from Nick Griffin MEP

Court Case: An Overview from Nick Griffin MEP

"No plan survives the battlefield" is an old Army saying. The tax-guzzling 'Equalities' Commission now have good cause to ponder that maxim, Nick Griffin MEP has said in his reaction to today’s court proceedings in the Equalities and Human Rights Commission case against the British National Party.
“They brought a contempt case against me, Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby. Their aim was to use public funds to bully and oppress both the named individuals and the entire British National Party,” Mr Griffin wrote.
They wanted to use this vexatious action to bankrupt and humiliate us and to jail me. To that end they falsely claimed that the BNP was deliberately flouting a Court Order.
Blow by blow the Equalities Quango gets a drubbing 
I was unable to be in Court to see the admissions forced from lawyers acting for the Equalities quango due to short-term medical problems. I've had blow-by-blow accounts of the truth emerging in two days of high drama though:-
Wham: The BNP is a law-abiding Party which sought to comply with the order
Kapow: The 'Equalities' Commission kept moving the goal-posts
and the killer blow: The CEHR bullies admitted under pressure that their dodgy order was unclear and ambiguous. That means it was never capable of being enforced. It’s over!
You make the difference
We wouldn't have won these crucial victories if we hadn't had a really effective, professional legal team. We wouldn't have had that team if you had not given the money to pay them to do the job for us. This great result is thanks to you and everyone like you giving us the means to continue to fight for our People against this corrupt, wicked Political Class.
The High Court will issue its judgement in a week or so. Today, I'm happy and confident and looking forward to seeing the Judges’ reasoning. We will need to send our lawyers again (for what will be the final time in this case).
We need them to make sure that all goes well and that our interests – especially when it comes to apportioning costs - are looked after by fully prepared professionals. So I'm asking all those who understand how vital this battle is for all our civil liberties to dig into their pockets and send a donation. We are nearly through this and we must not fall at the last hurdle.
It’s great to be so close to leaving the courts behind, so that we can get on with preparing for the political battles, especially next Spring’s winnable Assembly and Parliamentary elections in Wales, Ulster and Scotland. So I’m delighted to be asking for help with the one final push we need to throw CEHR’s attack on us into the litter bin of history.
or ring 0207 078 3269
Thanks and best wishes
Nick Griffin MEP
P.S. To all those who braved the wind and rain to stand outside the High Court and protest for freedom, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You ensured that people know that the British National Party contains people willing to make a stand and speak out for freedom and Justice. Thanks also to all those who sent Get Well cards and good wishes. Don’t worry, I’m fighting fit again!