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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

"Look, Bolton it's getting warmer every day!"

"Look, it's getting warmer every day!"

 NOVEMBER 2010: THIS was a speech I made yesterday in the European Parliament in Strasbourg concerning the next Climate Change Summit in Cancun (right).

 Last year I attended COP15 in Copenhagen, but this time the number of places available for my Environmental Committee have been reduced in what appears to be a deliberate move to exclude me, and my global warming scepticism, from the conference.
This is what I told my fellow MEPs, and it certainly caused upset amongst some of them.
"Choosing sunny Mexico for COP16 was a good move. We should be spared a repeat of last year´s embarrassment, when global warmists shivered in the coldest Copenhagen December for decades.
Likewise, using the deceitfully ambiguous term 'climate change' rather than 'global warming' may blind a few British taxpapers to the irony of holding it just as an unusually cold summer and autumn give way to an early, icy winter. An even better trick would be to hold these events only in the spring - "look, it's getting warmer every day!"
How much longer can the fascistic EU impose ever more punitive taxes and controls on ordinary citizens on the pretext of man-made global warming, when an ever-increasing number of real scientists are rejecting the theory as unfounded and demolished?
AGW is baseless propaganda, a Joseph Goebbels-scale Big Lie from the Green-Industrial complex because they favour massive transfer of wealth from the ´little people´ to carbon trading crooks such as Al Gore and Goldman Sachs.
And it is being exploited by leftist political elites to complete the deindustrialisation of the West, because spineless Conservatives are too brow-beaten by global warming hysteria to stand up and tell the really Inconvenient Truth: Man-made climate change is the most profitable con-trick in history.
This year´s Bilderberg Conference, held in Spain in June, included a session on the dangers of global COOLING. When will the new realism of the people who really shape global politics  creep in here, among the people who merely think they should?"