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Monday, 8 November 2010

Could The Latest Attacks On The BNP Be Too Late For The Liberal Establishment?

Could The Latest Attacks On The BNP Be Too Late For The Establishment? PDF
Written by BC1959   
 November 2010 
bnplogosmThe latest attacks on the British National Party seem to be openly aggressive. Comments made by the traitors in power, such as: ''Schools have the right to sack BNP teachers'' and: ''housing problems could be good for the Far Right'', seem to come from a concerted effort to shut Nationalists out from a far wider, Socio-Cultural normality.
Accepted rights will now be aggressively used against us, and now that Turkey has also identified a ''Concern of European Nationalist support'', the plan to introduce this Islamic nation into the ever dictatorial EU fold, is under threat. However, with everything they have thrown at the party in the last ten years, from attempting to Jail Mr Griffin and others, to trying to freeze the party's funds and assets, and outright voting fraud etc, the question we should be asking ourselves should be:

Could The Latest Attacks On The BNP Be Too Late For The Establishment?

Rising membership and support of not only this party, but Nationalist parties Europe wide, and a renaissance of genuine patriotism in America, could now mean that one last desperate attack is on the horizon. This not only means that the BNP is having a big impact, but that other countries are facing the same challenges from so-called ''smaller parties'', and that could mean serious challenges we all face.
The New World Order is apparently, facing deep divisions within, and commentators are suggesting that for example, the Bilderbergers shadowy 50 year hidden agenda, is splitting apart at the seams. David Cameron came into the spotlight, by saying he would battle the EU, de-regulate business, and tackle mass immigration. Every policy and suggested potential has been ignored, and he now continues to allow the EU to reign supreme over this land of ours.

Prisoners being given the right to vote, is an absolute disgrace, and ANY supposedly right minded, and pro-British Conservative would be up in arms about this, and the ''fake win'' over money given to the EU.
Where are the opposition? In the BNP, that's where, and they know it. Former Councillor and Activist Russ Green, suggests that the Bilderbergers and the rest of the NWO freaks, will try to foment serious racial and ethnic tensions in Britain and Europe, and makes the analogy that, mass immigration and it's obvious agenda, could be part of the plan to accomplish this.
Many would agree, and by the look of the economy, it could also be presumed that a good dose of ''Let Them Eat Cake'' will make these parasitical politicians, Journalists, and writers ''Eat Their Own Words''. Only time will tell, but it certainly looks as though the establishment seems to be getting rather arrogant and aggressive, in it's attacks on this party, and the people themselves.

Here's what one international news source said:

The historic entry of a Swedish far-right party in parliament has tarnished the reputation of Sweden as a bastion of tolerance and raised questions over Prime Minister Fredik Reinfeld’s future political alliances.

So what do they expect him to do? How will the world establishment react? Let's try this one for example:

An alarming trend is sweeping Europe. Far-right-wing parties, using anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric, have made electoral gains in several European countries. In the June European parliament elections, these parties were able to garner votes in a way they haven't before. The British National Party (BNP), which has its roots in fascist parties of the past, got almost a million votes and its first two seats in the European parliament. Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom (PVV) in Holland made significant gains as well.

It's now useless, and pointless, if Nationalists don't get to grips with the prospect that at some point in the near future, a combined effort to demolish democracy by the current world order, is ignored. For instance, this is what Time magazine produced:

Around Europe, a ragbag of extremist parties, as varied as the countries that produced them yet united by a vehement nationalism that singles out minority groups as a growing threat, scored in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Romania and Slovakia. Confronted with sliding economies and disappearing jobs, voters kicked the mainstream parties they held most responsible.

If the power brokers at the top of the financial tree, decide to act sooner, rather than later, serious complications could arise. This is why our own Chairman is a leading light in the unity of Nationalist parties, and is Deputy head in Europe, and also why all nationalists, regardless of percieved differences in opinions, should now take the threat seriously, and attack and defend our positions at all costs. Political battles can only ever be won, if every nation and it's peoples, come together... we must be ruthless, and maintain the ancient addage of:

Never again, no more brother wars, no more disunity, and NO SURRENDER to anyone, anywhere, anytime.