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Monday, 22 November 2010

March of the Euro Police - The Mail Newspapers finally catches up with the BNP

March of the Euro Police - The Mail finally catches up with the BNP Print
Written by Green Arrow   
  November 2010
egf_logo_120_x_120First I read the report on a Mail on Sunday investigation on what they term an "alarming array of new EU controls over justice" that none in Our Country has ever voted for.  I then thought, "wow these boys are really on the ball" and clicking to their next online headline, I fully expected them to be breaking the news about the Relief of Mafeking, so up to date are the lazy mail on reporting what is happening in the world.
In the article, they finally report, as well as writing about the shameful European Arrest Warrants - which means that Britons  who have been been tried and convicted in their absence by a foreign court can be extradited for "offences" that are not even a crime in Our Country - they also report on the setting up the European Gendarmerie Force that is made up of non British Citizens, who will be allowed to operate in what was the UK with Diplomatic Protection, which means they can effectively break our laws and jaws with impunity.
  • Europol’s officers have diplomatic immunity in UK and cannot be touched by our judges
  • An 800-strong paramilitary force has been trained and armed for ‘expeditionary’ missions
  • British citizens can be seized in UK and sent to foreign jails without appeal
So how far behind is the Mail in reporting on this news and just how "exclusive" is it? Well this sites first home, warned about what would happen if the Queen committed treason by signing the European Constitution back in June 2007 when I wrote.
Even now, the Eurabian Gestapo called the E.G.F. are training in Vicenza, Italy and when the new powers that are in the process of being passed are signed, detachments of this elite, armed force can and will be stationed in Our Country. An army of occupation.
Of course the Queen ratified the treaty, which must have made the first Queen Elizabeth spin in her grave, that a Queen of England could betray her people. But back to the story.

I again wrote about the mandate of the untouchable EGF in September 2007:
  • performing security and public order missions;
  • monitoring of and advice for local police in their day-to-day work, including criminal investigation work;
  • conducting public surveillance, border policing and general intelligence;
  • performing criminal investigation work, covering detection of offences, tracing of offenders and their transfer to the appropriate judicial authorities;
  • protecting people and property and keeping order in the event of public disturbances;
  • training of police officers as regards international standards;
  • training of instructors, particularly through co-operation programmes.
As you will see, if you follow the above link the EGF are desperate to "blood" themselves and their European Masters are looking for an opportunity to deploy them - probably the UK.
In February 2008, I am again forced to return to the story when I learn that Bob Spink MP, in a Commons debate (Hansard, col 188) prior to the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon asked Miliband for an assurance that the Eurogendarmerie will never be allowed into the UK.  Read the link, especially the bit about Turkey, I then went on to write (boy do I write a lot).
Indeed the Portuguese EU Presidency’s website, announcing the signing of this Treaty, stated that Turkey had already shown interest. So when the EGF does come over to Britain, we could find ourselves being policed by Turks in EU uniform. Even if they are excluded from being full members of the EU because their human rights record is not good enough, and torture in Turkish police stations is reported to be commonplace, the Turks are evidently considered good enough to be recruited as policemen to police us.

Please note - these are not soldiers, they are European riot-control policemen. They are actually members of the Spanish Guardia Civil as you can see from the flashes on their left shoulders, and it is written on the flak jacket of the man standing on the left of the picture, but if you look at their right upper arms you will just glimpse the royal-blue armband of the European Gendarmerie Force - which has as its emblem a circle of little yellow stars, and in the middle a "sword and a flaming grenade, symbolising the common military root of European police" (this logo and the armband are fully explained on their website).
And again, in June 2008, the Green Arrow is publishing another article in after copying a really informative and frightening comment discovered in the Sunday Express entitled This is only The Beginning - which I urge you to read.

So it is a pity that the Mail had not published their "news exclusive" back in 2007 when the BNP and this site were trying to wake up the people before the European Treason Treaty was ratified.  But I suppose better late than never.  Remember if you want to learn the truth as it happens, then check out the patriotic sites that support the British National Party.

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