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Friday, 19 November 2010

Multicultural Political Police Pass the Buck onto the EDL for Muslim Militancy

By Horwich Nationalists

A spokesman for the Politicised Police of the West Midlands of England, has stated that Muslim Militancy is caused by the EDL marching for the rights of the Indigenous British Peoples, in the face of the Islamic and Politically Correct repression the said British people now face.

Whilst completely ignoring the failure of the Multi cultural socialist experiments of the Main Lib/Lab/Con Political parties. Detective Superintendent of the West Midlands Police John larkin simply in our view has attempted to pass the buck ( reuters) onto the ordinary people of this nation who wish for nothing more than to preserve the hard won freedoms and traditions of our people in the face of an Islamic onslaught.

Has Detective Larkin forgot that the 7/7 bombings happened long before the EDL ever existed, or the fact that in order to show their willingness to get along with the British way of life it was Muslims who burnt a poppy at the Cenotaph insulting all members of the British Nation, And along with the suspected Islamic bomb test on the shores of a Scottish Loch this week.  As well as the majority of the heroin trade being owned and controlled by the so called Muslim Community , and the grooming of under age English Girls by Islamic sex gangs!
So come on Larkin stop Larking about and smell the roses it is not the EDL that is the Problem it is the failure of the Multi cultural experiment, and that is what you must be addressing as well as hunting down these Islamic criminals, and protecting our freedoms for a CHANGE! 

So I call on all EDL members to register to vote and to cast their votes for or join the only Political Party with a track record of standing up for the British and English way of life and who is sworn to put an end to the politically correct madness of the last 40 years, And I do not think it will be one of the main parties to!