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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

BNP Chairman Nick Griffin MEP Urges UK Patriots to Attend Court Demonstration on November 8th

BNP Chairman Urges Patriots to Attend Court Demonstration on November 8th

The British National party National Newsroom The chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP, has urged patriots to attend the demonstration outside the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, central London on Monday 8th and/or Tuesday 9th November.
“Meet from 9.30 a.m. with Union Jacks and the flags of our four British nations,” Mr Griffin wrote in a special fundraising appeal recently sent out to members and supporters.
Titled “Equalities Commission Attack - The Latest News,” the appeal pointed out that the Equalities and Human Rights Commission had already been forced to acknowledge the existence of an indigenous ethnic British people which was a major step forward in itself.
“On one side, me, Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby — sued on behalf of every member of the British National Party. On the other, Trevor Phillips and his tax-funded Equality Commission bullyboy,” Mr Griffin wrote.
“They're really unhappy now. Thanks to the generous support of so many readers of these emails, we forced from CEHR the legal admission that the British are an ethnic group in our own right, made up of specific ethnic groups, including the English. We are no longer 'non-people' in our own country!
“That is a huge step forward in the struggle for the survival of our people. We've nailed the racist lie that being English or British was just a question of where you were born or the colour of your passport.
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“Now, thanks to the many months of gruelling legal trench warfare we've fought, and thanks to those of you who've provided the financial ammunition that has kept us in the fight, we've won our people's right to recognition as the unique ethnic and cultural group that we are.
“This victory is more than symbolic. Having forced the Equality commissars to recognise our people, the way is open for future campaigns to make them address issues such as discrimination against our people. “Together, we have cleared the way for the British civil rights struggle that will form the foundation of our political battles in the future.
“Our enemies are well aware of the power of this new line of attack.
“That's why they are desperate to use the fact that they outgun us in court to finish us off before we can organise to press home the advantage that we've won together.
“That's why they refused even to discuss with us what it was that they didn't like about our new Constitution and instead launched a new attack on different grounds from their original complaint.
“I am applying to have the Commission's injunctions struck down as unfairly oppressive — for a start, we weren't even told what the case against us was until we were actually in court. Is that true British justice?
“It makes me really angry that the anti-British bigot Trevor Phillips is trampling on the rights won by generations of our heroic ancestors who poured out their hearts' blood to defy tyrant kings, robber barons and greedy clergy. 
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“Phillips, an admirer of the Communist mass murderer Lenin, is riding roughshod over the freedoms that our people won for themselves and their descendants at Runnymede when they forced King John to sign Magna Carta.
800 years of freedom! 800 years of the right to know in good time what you are accused of - trampled into the mud by a man who has described British National Party members as "less than human".
“In just over a week, we are going to be in court again, and we have a real chance of teaching Phillips and CEHR a lesson they'll never forget.
“This isn't just about our rights and our freedom. We're fighting on behalf of all the generations of our folk who have died in battle or rotted in jails to give us those rights. We're fighting for all the true children of these our islands who are yet to be born to enjoy the freedom that is our birthright. Are you with me on this? Are you up for this fight?
“If so, please join me and the other BNP freedom fighters demonstrating outside the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, central London on Monday 8th and/or Tuesday 9th November. Meet from 9.30 a.m. with Union Jacks and the flags of our four British nations.
“If you can't show your defiance of Trevor Phillips by joining us on the day, please send as much as you can possibly afford by pressing the DONATE button below. This is your chance to help us fight back for freedom and justice! Please seize this chance right now!
Thank you for your continued generous support. 
or ring 0207 078 3269

Yours sincerely
Nick Griffin MEP
Chairman, BNP

PS: We need to raise this money in the next week to make the necessary arrangements to defend our party.
I can't think of a better gift to give our children and grandchildren than the legacy of a strong British National Party insuring our British freedoms, Christian culture and way of life are protected and cherished.
The so-called 'Equalities Commission' and the other traitors hope that you will set this letter aside and forget about it - that's why I hope that you will send your most generous gift right away.