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Saturday, 13 November 2010

UK Government Admits That it,s Actions to Stop Islamic Extremism “Has Not Worked”

Government Admits That Programme to Stop Islamic Extremism “Has Not Worked”

The Government has admitted that the £140 million a year taxpayer-funded programme to try and persuaded Muslims not to become extremists, has failed completely.
The announcement was made by the Tory Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equality, Theresa May, who said the much-vaunted “Prevent” strategies are “not working as well as they could.”
That is somewhat of an understatement. The “Prevent” programme was set up after the 2005 London bombings as part of the Labour government’s counter-terrorism strategy.
It entailed spending significant amounts of money on what were called “key Prevent deliverables” which were supposed to be programmes which would “deal with what drives young Muslims into extremism.”
The projects for which British taxpayers stumped up to prevent “Islamic radicalisation” included £5,000 given to Barking Mosque received to set up rap “workshops” and lunches.
A project called “Bedford: Faith in Queens Park” was given £9,000 for its basketball club, while other Muslim organisations received £10,000 for its cricket club, £11,000 for “fusion youth singing,” and £1,350 for a talk on “prophetic medicine”.
Other projects which received cash were the Cherwell “Banbury Fair Trade Society” was paid by Prevent to deliver a “multicultural food festival,” while in other areas, money was given to boxing, karate, judo and five-a-side football clubs.
The 1st Bristol Muslim Scout Group (imagine a “1st Bristol Christian Scout Group”) received £3,180 of Prevent money for camping equipment.
The most outrageous spend was however to a number of Muslim organisations to simply teach Islam. A 2009 review of Prevent spending revealed that one mosque had been given £40,000 just to pay salaries for Islamic preachers.
Making the announcement that the policy will now be “reviewed,” Ms May inadvertently let slip that the new policy would look at “prisons” in particular.
This slip confirmed the high number of Muslim prisoners in British jails, estimated by some experts to be higher than 60 percent in many prisons.
Ms May did not announce that the Prevent strategy would be abandoned, just made “more effective."
In reality, the only “strategy” which will prevent radical Islamism from taking hold in Britain is one which will see that religion halted in its bid to seize Britain by flooding our nation with immigrants and then outbreeding us in our homeland.
The only policy which will save Britain — and all of Europe — is tough, and will require steel nerves to carry out, but is obvious: either the immigration invasion is halted and reversed, or our Europe will die.