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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Greece Today Is This Just The Tipping Point

Greek Protests are just the start

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Three killed in Greece as the people storm parliament.
People aren't terribly happy with the way their politicians have managed their country's economy to lead Greece to seeking money from the IMF and EU in the first of what many might think will be a round of handouts to prop up the masquerading Peacock States of Zanu-Europe.
I read an article from a Greek friend of mine this morning which in a nutshell, very eloquently and intelligently made the simple point that Greek's geographical position is 'different' to ours. My mate is of course fundamentally at odds with the EU but that's beside the point.
He shone a light on a simple fact that Greek culture, despite we in Europe have inherited some of it, is mainly between what we call Balkan, European and North African, and thus in many ways Greek in comparison to France, Britain and Germany for instance doesn't have the same capacity to trade within the European Union.
Resources are a problem, Greek social construct is a problem, transportation is a problem, their politics is a problem, and now their economy is a problem.
Of course Greek is a beautiful place to visit but is it able to provide employment?
Answer, hardly likely because close to 50% of Greek workers are employed as government employees, and they need a 'real economy' to pay them. Hence, they have a 'student' problem and an immigration problem, in a country without industry and now without much if any tourist trade.
Heck I wrote about this two or more years ago and said this would happen but since I was talking to idiots who want to live in an undemocratic super-state without asking anyone, then I guess I may just as well have been talking to myself.
Meanwhile, I feel sad for the three poor souls who died today in the legitimate protests of the people.
I hope Greece does the right thing, cancels its attachment to the Euro and gets its own national money printer out of storage. Because a country with its own money, with its own value, and with its self-imposing ability to make decisions for their country and their people first, is clearly the only way that Greece has of solving its 'economic problems', which seemingly did not exist until tourism came to a sudden halt as a result that our remortgage business came to a sudden halt, which led to Brits canceling holidays and cutting back on spending, which led to our very own recession here which is not likely to end up that much different to Greece if we remain a full member of the European Nightmare we call a 'union', where only two countries are really making anything out of it. i.e. France and Germany.