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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

British Democracy Is Dead – Now What?

British Democracy Is Dead – Now What?

The general election of 2010 yielded little in the way of reward for the hard-working and expectantNationalists of the British National Party. Although it is encouraging to have increased the vote to just over of 563,000, a 1.2% vote share, the failure to return a single MP is hugely disappointing.
In reading the post-election reaction around the BNP supporting sites and forums, the focus has been on the highly-questionable integrity of the electoral system, with many frustrated and angry Nationalists citing the more than dubious postal voting; the unfairness of the first-past-the-post system; gerrymandering of constituencies and spoilt or uncounted BNP votes. But the reality is that none of these are actually at the root of the enormously difficult problems facing British Nationalists.

The issues presented here in this article represent the reality of what Great Britain and the British people have now become. If British Nationalists are to progress, I believe each of these issues needs to be fully understood and thoroughly considered if the cause of British Nationalism is to progress or all that is going to happen is further disappointments and frustrations as precious time, hard-work and valuable resources will be wasted and time is the one resource we simply cannot waste any further. Britain is dying each and every day. Actually, it isn’t dying, it is being deliberately destroyed and this article will explain how.
The question facing British Nationalists right now is: Why did the British National Party fail to return a single MP to Parliament in the 2010 general election?

Masters Of The Game

What is apparent to me is that there is a complete lack of understanding about the nature of the enemy we face. The criticisms of the electoral system are quite frankly misplaced and focusing on why the electoral system is so unfair is simply an act of folly. It is folly because the democratic process is completely abused from one year to the next on an enormous scale.
British Nationalists need to understand fully a very important fact about Great Britain: It is a Marxist state. Why is this so crucial?

Marxism, by definition, is a totalitarian ideology that seeks to dominate and control society. The only way ANY ideology becomes dominant in society is by establishing hegemony. Hegemony is NOT established via the ballot box and Marxists such as Gramsci and the Frankfurt School knew this all too well. Making an ideology dominant in society takes years, and it happens by infiltrating all areas of society.

In Great Britain today, the dominant ideology is Marxism, particularly cultural Marxism: Multiculturalism, political correctness, diversity, equality and tolerance. It has become the dominant ideology because at all levels of society: schools, colleges and universities, the print and broadcast media, the legal system and the political process itself is now all controlled by Marxists.

Look at the three political parties. They each prosecute Marxist ideologies. Labour has sold-out its working class roots and destroyed working class communities through mass-immigration, the Conservatives are all about conserving Multiculturalism and diversity and no longer care about conserving Great Britain and the Liberals are only Liberal when it comes to minorities and not the indigenous British people. The only choice for the British people in a general election is Marxism, in fact there is no “no” vote to Marxism, as the Marxist European Union has demonstrated on more than one occasion, witness France, Holland and Ireland.

So despite the fact that politicians from each of these parties:
1.    Started THREE illegal wars based on a pack of lies and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children
2.    Drove the entire British economy into bankruptcy and bailed out greedy and failed banksters with taxpayer’s money
3.    Looted the public purse at will to pay for all manner of “expenses” including porn-films and playing the property market with public money for private gain
4.    Have flooded the UK with millions of immigrants from all over the world which is destroying the British way of life and creating mayhem in British cities
The British people still voted overwhelmingly in their millions for these disgusting hypocrites and parasites. This is why hegemony is so important to understand and to illustrate further precisely how important this issue is, consider the following:

You are a committed Christian living in Islamic Turkey. In Turkey, 99% of the population are Muslims, just 1% Christian. You decide to start the Turkish Christian Party because you’re convinced the Turkish people need a Christian government. Islam holds cultural hegemony in Turkey. What do you think will happen?

Making an ideology dominant throughout society is how people are controlled and brainwashed and Marxism has been brainwashing Britons and transforming British society for the last sixty years with the result that the majority of Britons are not open to rational and reasoned argument as any British Nationalist worth their salt will know all too well after engaging in debate with Liberal-Multiculturalists.

And as Marxism is a totalitarian anti-democratic ideology, democracy is not an option.  Marxists are enforcing their ideologies with organisations outside the democratic process, using taxpayer’s money to fund anti-British organisations such as Searchlight and the UAF and of course, the little-known Common Purpose.
In Great Britain, the democratic process isn’t just a corrupt charade, another circus designed to entertain the masses giving them the illusion of a free democracy, it is now a weapon deployed by Marxists to further destroy Great Britain and the British people. And as last Thursday showed beyond any doubt, the fact that Marxism holds hegemony means they are winning with ease, the victory secured long before any voting takes place. Marxists are masters of the game, they hold power and they will not concede it through the ballot box. That people think Britain is a democratic state shows how effective at weaving comforting illusions the Marxists truly are.

Out Of Tune

But it would be a big mistake to just blame the current state of Great Britain for the BNP’s failure to return an MP. The British electorate are in the main, so brainwashed by cultural Marxism they are almost in a zombie state, responding automatically to the dictates of their Marxist political masters. Waking them from this brainwashed state is an almighty task and it is absolutely vital to deploy the right tactic.

In my humble opinion, I believe the decision to make Afghanistan the core issue that the BNP campaigned on was a huge mistake. It just didn’t chime with the electorate – it didn’t chime with me and I speak as someone whose friend lost his 20 year old son in Sangin in 2007 – because they’re not thinking about it for most of their waking hours. I shared my concern at the time with the Green Arrow so please don’t think I’m being wise after the event here.

Adding in the nostalgia of the Second World War only exacerbates the mistake, it only serves to further alienate many Britons who have been exposed to the Marxist anti-war pacifist rhetoric of the last sixty years. And what the British people were sixty years ago they most certainly are not now.

The most powerful motivator for humans isn’t reward but fear. To reach brainwashed Britons, fear is the key. Rationality and reason will not work and if you doubt this, try to have a reasoned conversation with a devout Christian or a fanatical Muslim about the existence of a God.

But what issues will arouse fear in Britons you may ask? There are two issues right now that the BNP should’ve focused on with laser-beam accuracy – and indeed should from now on:

1. The catastrophic state of the European economy.
2. The rise and growing threat of Islam.

Let’s take a few lessons from Europe and first, the serious events occurring right now in Greece. Because nothing highlights the crass stupidity of the European Union and the single currency more than this crisis facing the Greeks.

The Greek government has continually spent more money than it has and to say that it engages in creative accounting would be an understatement. The result of repeated irresponsible and weak financial management has led to Greece going completely bankrupt and requiring loans totalling a staggering one hundred and twenty-two billion euros to keep it in the euro zone.
Note that the goal isn’t to provide a solution that is best for Greece and the Greek people, it is to ensure the European project is maintained with Greece still part of the euro zone.

Here’s the killer: These loans are to be provided by countries such as the UK, a country whose corrupt politicians have just used taxpayer’s money to bail-out the greedy banks, and Portugal and Spain, whose credit rating has just been downgraded to “junk status” largely because they too are in similar situations to Greece.

You’ve got it, those nations up to their necks in debt are bailing out a country that is wholly bankrupt. It also begs the question: What happens when – not if – other euro zone countries go the same way. Where the hell is the money coming from?
Germany! Cries the EU. Except the Germans are now wising up to the reality of socialism: the weak and irresponsible are rewarded at the expense of a competent and continually punished strong. Germany has resisted this bail-out only to eventually cave-in causing a tidal-wave of resentment amongst angry Germans who are demanding to know why German taxpayers should be bailing out the failed Greek government. They know it won’t end with Greece and the markets know it too and so the euro is weakening almost daily.
Yet during the election, the BNP chose not to exploit this issue and I have no idea why. The day of reckoning HAS TO COME and when it does it is going hit the people of Britain very hard indeed. The Marxist opposition should’ve been attacked every day on this issue by the BNP and I think an opportunity to reach the brainwashed Britons and awaken them to the serious consequences they and most definitely THEIR KIDS – not the pampered hypocritical Marxist elites – are going to face.

Inspirational Infidel
But Europe also provided British Nationalists with another opportunity to invoke the fear factor, and if there is one issue that merits being centre stage of British Nationalism, it is this.

Holland and Switzerland may seem unlikely countries for British Nationalists to take a cue from yet recently, events in these countries revealed an increasing awareness about the very serious threat posed by Islam and an ever-growing and perpetually agitated Muslim population.

The Swiss voted to ban the building of minarets, and unsurprisingly faced the wrath of annoyed Marxists in Europe and outraged – there’s a surprise – Muslims. But the rise of Geert Wilders and his freedom party provides an even bigger clue as to how more and more people are becoming very concerned about the growing presence of Islam in Holland. And the reason they are becoming concerned is because Wilders has made this THE CORE ISSUE of his party and brought it forcibly to centre stage so it cannot be ignored.

The brilliant film “Fitna” that Wilders made about the reality of the verses in the Qur’an that command Muslims to fight and kill the unbeliever not only won him strong support in Holland, it also gained the attention of the entire world with the result that Wilders now has a very real chance of becoming the next Dutch Prime Minister. The coming Dutch elections are in my opinion the most important elections in Europe for many years.

I believe the BNP should take a cue from Wilders and his PVV party and make Islam a core issue. I’d like to see the party expose Islam for the violent, totalitarian ideology it is at every turn, especially highlighting the religious and gender apartheids enshrined in Islamic Sharia law and of course, the legalised sexual abuse of children. The cruel and deplorable treatment of animals could also be a part of this, but make no mistake, I live and work in Barcelona and there isn’t a day passes without me talking about Islam with Spaniards, Dutch, Italians and just last week, two people from Switzerland.
What needs to be communicated without compromise is this plain and simple fact: Those who tolerate Islam tolerate religious and gender apartheid and the sexual abuse of children. They tolerate the intolerant and in doing so, they are themselves every bit as guilty as the terrorists, the rapists, the wife-beaters and the sexual abusers of children, the devout Muslims who follow the commands of their Qur’an and the real-life example of their Prophet Mohammed, a man who personally committed all the abuses listed here and many, many more.

Let’s make it centre stage because the violent and oppressive nature of Islam is something more and more people are justifiably feared of.

Mean Streak

Let me state right now that I firmly believe Nick Griffin and Simon Darby are the two very best men to lead the British National Party. I listened to their debates during the campaign and their behaviour and conduct was absolutely exemplary, they are a credit to the BNP and long may they lead us.

But I have one main criticism of them both and it is a criticism I know other Nationalists have made and I sincerely believe it is a valid criticism that I hope both of them will address.

The problem is that both men are gentlemen. They are too nice and I would like them to stop being nice and start being mean, even nasty to the hypocrites and parasites in the media and from political opponents by responding in kind. God knows they have enough ammunition. For example:
Nick Griffin on the circus of Question Time.  He was polite and convivial, a tad too much for my liking, but when Baroness Jihad Warsi referred to him as “a disgusting man”, he let it pass. This disgraceful smear from a woman who believes that grown men can legally marry and abuse little girls and as a Muslim HAS TO believe that all unbelievers – kuffars – are the equivalent of dogs, pigs and excrement. Pity the BNP Chairman didn’t remind her and the British people of her beliefs for all to hear. Google “Haram” if you doubt what I am saying.

Then I heard Simon Darby on a political debate on Stoke radio where there was another example of this. His opponent was one sneering, upper-middle-class toff called Tristram Hunt who referred to the “nasty, vile politics of the fascist BNP”, and the Deputy Leader made a passing reference to Labour’s illegal wars but nowhere near forcibly enough as it was drowned out by the Liberal candidate. Yet Hunt represents a party of war criminals who deliberately murdered hundreds of thousands of people – Serbs, Iraqis and Afghans – callously bombing civilians, the hands of these war criminals are dripping with the blood of innocent women and children.

Those who oppose us, who hate Britain, who are deliberately destroying Britain and who are deliberately ethnically cleansing Britons from their communities should have the reality of who and what they are pointed out to them in no uncertain terms every time they launch their disgraceful slurs, smears and lies. That takes a mean streak, but if they’re nasty, then it’s time we hit them back, hard and to hurt by showing them in their true light.  They are charlatans masquerading as sheep but behind the suits and the smiles lurk wolves with a rabid hatred for Britain and the British people.

Cry Freedom

Finally, I would like to see the British National Party expand from being a “Resistance” movement – which I find a bit negative – to being a British Civil Rights Movement. When you look back through the history of civil rights struggles, success was achieved not through the ballot box but by winning public support, i.e. their cause was accepted by the majority of people in their respective societies, that is their ideology gained hegemony in their lands.

I believe with all of my being that the British people have a right to their homeland and to their identity. I believe those rights should be afforded to ALL peoples of ALL nations and I believe Britons are now engaged in a Civil Rights struggle to protect these freedoms. In fact the entire white race is engaged in a fight for survival but I’ll leave that for another time.

Instead of seeing “The BNP, the British Resistance” I suggest an amendment: “The British National Party – Fighting For The Civil Rights And Freedoms Of The British People”
They are the Civil Rights and Freedoms our forefathers gave their blood, sweat and tears for and they are ours by birthright and I think this needs to be stated firmly and clearly, without apology and without conceding to Multicultural dogma in any way.

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