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Wednesday, 5 May 2010



By Horwich nationalists
With less than 24 hours to the start of polling in this most crucial of elections of the last 30 years, you have the fate of our nation and people in your hands. As it is a fact that they will be both gone from the face of the earth within 50 years forever. 50 years you say! Yes 50 years, the forces of Globalisation in the form of a alliance between the forces of big business and Marxism who view each other as usefull idiots in their goal of world domination, have been plotting the ultimate destruction of this nation and it,s people to further their aims, why? you ask.

In the case of the global multi national business interests the British Nation is seen only as a market and in their case they are willing to finance the old three political parties in order that they allow any legislation that will allow the free market to dissolve national borders so avoiding any duties or cross border taxes and free movement of cheap expendable labour no matter what the detrimental  social implications will be to the indigenous population.  IE enrichment means just that but for just the few billionares who bank roll the main parties Lord Ashcroft for the Tories what will he want for his funding of there election campaign, better social housing , I THINK NOT!

In the case of the Marxists globalists theirs is a far more dangerous agenda for their aim is to completely destroy western culture and traditions forever. For years they have been implementing the theories of a little known Italian Marxist called Antonio Gramsci  
 who stated that
“Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity. … In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.”    
His work was later expanded on by a Marxist philosopher called Herbert marcuse In effect to destroy Western Civilisation by promoting and creating a sense culture based on alleged tolerance that will create moral equivalence to any perversion by pre occupying peoples lives with sex, so much  that all other moral and cultural & political values are subjugated. As we we see in all the media today with promotion of homosexuality as the norm, even in our Churches! and TV programmes such as Sex in the City & Cougar Town , Sex education no more than condom distribution, The acceptance of the murder of millions of our unborn children, and now even more worrying for us baby boom generation now in our 50,s the promotion of euthanasia on the grounds of there in pain put them out of their misery! 

And the more dangerous aspect of this would be that the sense  culture that would and now is being set by these Marxist is flexible to the whim of the state, the permanent values of the west would be lost forever. we will end up with , To many old folk put them down, to many children abort a few, a terrifying scenario! 

And  by destroying National Identities by the promotion of unchecked immigration therefore fragmenting a society to such an extent that it cannot unite against a political elite, Diversity is just another word for Division! 

And also the use of the Environmental agenda for the control of people and resources, how often do you here the greens ranting against the car and airplane , how wonderfull for them would it be to have a static population unable to move from one are of a nation to the other unless you gain permission to use the resources to do so!

even these Marxist know that once there agenda is completed that there may be a need for a spiritual outlet for some of their controlled population, therefore what better religion than Islam who core pennant's are submission to higher authorities, unlike they Judea christian tradition were man is sovereign and has a choice in his actions. I must recommend to you all the works of larry Abrahams  
on all these matters a intellectual giant of a man! who has foreseen the dangers as far back of forty years ago. 

This is why for years they have attacked the forces of Nationalism in the form of the British National party , we are the defenders of western culture and values it heritage it,s peoples, they have made us out to be a bogeyman , but in fact they are the wolves in sheep's clothing!
please think about not just your own future, but what horrors await your children and grand children if we fail in our task to save our nation and it,s people, I personally am coming to the conclusion that we are involved in a titanic battle between good and evil ! And that the British National Party has a mandate from Heaven to save our Nation from these forces of Evil!
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