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Friday, 20 August 2010

The BNP Family Indigenous Forum Weekend - Book Now

Well before I write about the Indigenous Forum Weekend I guess I had better first mention the BNP's Annual Summer School that takes places this coming weekend on 21/22 August.

Now this event is a must for any person who wishes to fully contribute to the growth of the British National Party and needs to learn more about election techniques, media training, the use of computers and then  to discuss these skills with knowledgeable people after the training day is over and I must confess I would not have minded attending myself.   But I guess my good friend JohnOfGwent will let me know about it all on his return.

However that is not what prompted me to write this article.  It was the paragraph in the announcement of the event stating that the course is mandatory for this year's Voting Members and includes qualification to attend regional meetings to debate and submit conference motions.  Now that is what I like to read.

Because when our patriots attend these events to improve their skills they are showing their commitment to Our Country and the Party and having done that it earns them the right to have a greater say than those who just sit at home and complain.

I understand there are still some vacancies but you will have to be sharp.

Now about the Indigenous Forum otherwise known as the Family Weekend that is taking place on the 28/30 August.  Now this is the one I am really interested in because I intend to be there.

When I heard the news that the 2010 Red, White and Blue would not be taking place this year I was extremely disappointed.  I had gone to the 2009 event and it had inspired me.  Spending a weekend with like minded people, it showed me just what Our Country could and should be like.  Safe, secure and friendly. 

I and almost every single person who had attended the event were in shock.  The chairman who had first started the RWB all those years ago was a huge fan of it.  Why was it stopped?  Then when I read the news that the person responsible for organising the 2010 event for it was also the person responsible for closing down the BNP Forum and trying to get rid of the patriotic blog sites, then I understood.

Now the next quoted bit is cut from the article on the British National Party website where you can read all the full details but these are the reasons I am going:-
Two evening marquees - one for chatting, cribbage/dominoes/cards, etc (bring your own games), the other for people who want to listen and join in singing traditional songs as well as listening to acoustic sets by various singers, including Nick Griffin with several poem/songs by Rudyard Kipling and an open mike folk session run by John Walker.

Bring your instruments and a willingness to have a go. Those who enjoyed the impromptu social event laid on for the take-down team and late-leavers after last year’s Red-White-and-Blue will know what to expect, and come back for more.

Plus whatever you can bring (such as dressing up clothes for the younger children) and do by way of entertainment to help this grass-roots event and defy the police and Equality Commission bullies who forced the cancellation of our traditional BNP Red-White-and-Blue. This is your chance to help to show that, whatever the Establishment bigots do, British nationalists always bounce back, improvise, and turn adversity to our advantage.
I love singing, poetry and Kipling especially.  I even like a game of crib and dominoes and if there is a poker school going then I am your man.

But it is the final bit that really made me make my mind up to go.  I am damned if I will let the Establishment stop me meeting and relaxing with my comrades of the British Resistance.

Listening to the conversation in the Green Arrows paltalk room, that is the consensus of all of them and so we are all making the effort to attend this Indigenous Forum Family Weekend.

We hope you will join us there.  Keep an eye out for the Green Arrow badges to see where we are and come and join us for a chat.  Screamingmad - we will miss you kinsman.

The BNP Call Centre as already been phoning Family Members on behalf of the Indigenous Forum. You can book now through the Call Centre on 0207 078 3269. Prices on the gate (if any spaces are left) £10 per adult, £5 per child up to 2, extras free, under fives free. Special discounted rate for advance bookings on phone, £20 total per family.