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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Thinking on Donating to Pakistan Flood Relief Think Again!

Amazing isn't it that our country has become one of the highest donators  to the Pakistan Flood Appeal via our government, whilst the moslem world sits back and lets the west pay as usual.  But that does not surprise me when I read about just how corrupt Pakistan is
Pakistan's economy has long suffered problems because of its embarrassingly narrow tax base. Broad sections of the wealthy, including senior politicians, pay little or no tax."
And strange isnt it, that Pakistan is squealing like a drowned rat, that we in the West are not doing enough to save them and send them foreign currency, whilst they have a nuclear arsenal and one of the biggest military machines in the world.

Well there is little we can do at this moment in time about stopping our traitor government sending our money overseas to help a nation that hates us, that in fact hates any nation that is not Islamic but as private individuals there is something you can do by not doing anything.  Do not send them a penny.  It is not our problem - our people are our problem.  If you really want to save and help people then make a donation to the British National Party.

However if you must send money to Pakistan then think about this first.  There are almost 3 million Christians remaining in Pakistan,  their churches are slowly being destroyed and replaced by mosques and the christians themselves are beaten, raped and murdered on a daily basis.
Pakistani Christian stonemason named Nasir Ashraf was working near Lahore  when he drank water from a public facility using a glass chained to the facility. He was assaulted by Muslims for "Polluting the glass". A mob developed, who beat Ashraf, calling him a "Christian dog".Bystanders encouraged the beating, because it would be a "good" deed that would help them in heaven.
But even in this time of tragedy the moslems of that mad land are taking this opportunity to wipe out a few more Christians by depriving them of aid in their hour of need.
The Christian victims of devastating flood in Southern Punjab are still waiting from any aid and selling their valuables to buy expensive food while Muslim flood aid organization are preferring Muslims.

The Christian flood victims are denied registration by district administration due to which they can not receive tents, food and medical assistance.

The Southern Punjab is hot bed of banned terrorist Muslim organizations which declare Christians to be Infidels and administration with fear of these radical Muslim elements not permitting Christians to keep in tents areas allocated for Muslim flood victims.
What I do find ironic about the elimination of the Christians in Pakistan is that originally, during the creation of the crazy country, Christians had been very active in their support of the Muslim League, having believed the moslem lie that all citizens of Pakistan would be treated with complete equality of citizenship.   Boy did they have a shock coming to them.  Taqiyya triumphs again.

And what about the Taliban, what are they saying now?  Well they are saying what they always say.  I Kill You.  They are going to target foreign aid workers involved in flood relief in Pakistan and I for one will not shed a tear when they fly the bodies of the aids workers back. 

Then again, having seen the number of Pakistani Doctors and Nurses working in our NHS, then perhaps we should encourage some of those to go and assist their own countrymen in Pakistan, instead of our people who would be murdered.