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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

What is British? Honour Killings and Pakistani Political Rallies Provide the Answer

Who is British? Honour Killings and Pakistani Political Party Rallies Provide the Answer

Claims by the controlled media and the establishment that the Third World immigrant population are “British” have been exposed as lies by the events surrounding the latest ‘honour killing’ incident and Pakistani political party rallies in Birmingham over the past weekend.
The leading Tory-fake fishwrap, the Daily Mail newspaper, led the controlled media charge by claiming that a “British couple” had been gunned down in Pakistan over an ‘honour killing’ dispute.
The Mail article, which was headlined “British couple gunned down in Pakistan in suspected honour killing after calling off marriage” however revealed details of that “dispute” which showed exactly how non-British the murdered couple were.
The distinctly non-Anglo-Saxon named couple, Gul Wazir and his wife Bagum, were murdered in the village of Salehana in Nowshera Province, Pakistan, after travelling there to try and settle a “wedding dispute,” according to the Mail.
This “wedding dispute” was in fact nothing but an arranged marriage, as is the custom amongst Pakistani families in that country and in Britain.
“The husband and wife had already promised their daughter to a man. When that arrangement ended he was not happy,” a family friend was quoted as saying.
Apparently the tradition of “honour killings” in marriage disputes are frequent in that region, and less than 18 months ago, a man from Bordesley Green was murdered in the same village for very similar reasons, the Mail report continued.
Are these people British? Or are they Pakistani villagers living in Britain who have imported their culture and traditions with them en masse to colonise this country?
The other example of just how colonised Britain has become by Pakistan came with the weekend rally of that country’s president, Asif Ali Zardari — in Birmingham.
Organised by the “UK branch of the Pakistan People's Party,” the rally drew thousands of people, while outside hundreds more demonstrated against Mr Zardari in a blatant display of internal Pakistani politics in the heart of Britain.
The rally was interrupted by a shoe-throwing incident which provided a powerful insight into how “British” the Pakistani population views itself.
The shoe-thrower, identified as Sardar Mohammed Shamim Khan, said he was “proud” of what he did because “I thought we have a crisis back at home and all he can do is take a trip around Europe while his own people are suffering.”
Note the reference to “we have a crisis back at home” which is a reference to the floods in Pakistan. Would those be the words of a British person?
Mr Zardari addressed most of the rally in Urdu, as it was after all a Pakistani political party rally, even though it took place in the Birmingham Convention Centre.
There are in fact so many non-British Third World immigrants in Britain that some of the demonstrators outside Mr Zardari’s rally were Muslims living in this country who call themselves “Sharia For Pakistan.”
According to news reports, that organisation’s spokesman, Abu Jihad, said “Zardari was an apostate which is punishable by death according to Sharia law.
“Zardari is evil and his government is a puppet of the West. We are against any democratic laws because they are not the laws of God. People like Zardari would not be tolerated under an Islamic system and his apostasy would be met with death.”
The appropriately-named Mr Jihad’s comments were repeated by other Islamic protestors including those from the UK-based Hizb Ut Tahrir branch.
Others who protested outside the rally included a group of Pakistani Christians who objected to Pakistan's discriminatory blasphemy laws, a Kashmiri independence group and members of another Pakistani political party, the “Pakistan Movement for Justice.”
The reader should stop and pause to think about these events.
What would the Pakistani nation say if there were so many white British people living in Pakistan that they regularly went back to Britain to marry off relatives?
What would the Pakistani nation say if there were so many white British people living in Pakistan that British political parties could hold mass rallies in that country and attract other British people to counter protest those rallies?
The Pakistan government would be perfectly justified in claiming that their nation was being taken over, or being colonised by British people, because that would be the case exactly.
The weekend’s events prove conclusively that nationality, ethnic origin and culture are not swopped around at airport terminals, but remain part of any colonising population.
Britain is being colonised under the indigenous populations’ noses, and only the British National Party stands opposed to this process.