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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Andrew Brons MEP BNP Working Hard Questioning the EU On Your Behalf

Written Questions

AUGUST 2010: These are Andrew's Written Questions to the European Commission.

Click on the title and you will be taken to the European Parliament website for the question in full and the answer the MEP for Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire received from the Commission.

Collapse of the Euro  P-6247/2010
27th July 2010

UK Government's Emergency Budget 2010  P-5036/2010 
30th June 2010  

European Elections in 2005  E-4780/2010
28th June 2010  

Globalisation Adjustment Fund  E-2658/10
22nd April 2010  

Harmonisation of criminal law  E-2054/10 
19th March 2010

Colombian Trade Unionists  E-6155/09 
1st December 2009

European Arrest Warrant  E-4365/09
3rd September 2009

Transportation of Horses across Europe  E-4350/09
3rd September 2009  

Non-EU workers paid less than the minimum wage  E-4303/09 
1st September 2009

Energy Using Products Directive  E-3978/09 
23rd July 2009  

Energy Using Products Directive  E-3977/09
23rd July 2009
WRITTEN QUESTION by Andrew Henry William Brons (NI) to the European Council