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Friday, 27 August 2010

UK Government Policy Puts British Students Last

Government Policy Puts British Students Last

Government policy — developed by the previous Labour regime and endorsed by the ConDemmers — has allowed Britain’s universities to give highly coveted university places to foreign students rather than British kids.
Edinburgh UniversityEdinburgh UniversityThe shocking display of naked anti-British venom was made public as the latest set of A-level results were announced which revealed that a larger number of students than ever before had qualified for university entrance.
In terms of admission procedures now followed by many elite British universities, deserving British students are being shunted aside in favour of foreign students who can pay up to £20,000 per year in fees.
According to reports, universities actively involved in this disgraceful activity include Edinburgh, Nottingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, York and Exeter.
All of these institutions have taken advantage of rules which strictly limit numbers of British students while placing no restriction on the enrolment of foreign nationals.
Educational authorities expect that thousands of British students will be turned away from university this year.
Up to 3,500 candidates with three straight As in their A-levels are expected to be turned away this year because of the restrictions on the number of students set by the Government.
According to reports, 60 institutions were fined £16 million last year (at a rate of £3,778 per place) for admitting too many students.
The unfairness of the situation is apparent in the fact that there are no such restrictions on the number of non-EU students those institutions can accept.
As these foreign students also pay the full bill, universities are using them as a means of keeping afloat in the face of further subsidy cuts caused by the Westminster parties’ mismanagement of the economy.
British and EU students pay at most £3,290 a year and the state provides another grant of around £5,000 per student. This means that it is more viable for universities to educate foreigners than the indigenous population.
This outrageous situation has come about because successive governments have seen fit to spend taxpayers’ cash on illegal foreign wars, wasteful foreign aid, immigration and EU membership, rather than on providing our people with the skills they need to build the economy and develop Britain.
Ironically, the “lack of skills” is then used by the same evil Westminster parties to justify mass immigration to fill “gaps” in the British workforce.

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