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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Tonight at 8pm GMT - The VOTBR On Line Radio and the Rev West BNP

Tonight at 8pm GMT - The VOTBR and the Rev West BNP

The Reverend West on the Campaign Trail
OK, as a favour for you people who were either still in bed or in Church this morning at 10am, we are going to replay todays release of the Voice of the British Resistance show and the excellent sermon read by the Rev West.

Now by now, you know how good the VOTBR show is but how many have you have had the opportunity to listen to the Rev West?  He reminds me of the Rev Smith made famous in "The defense of Rorke's Drift" painting.

In fact so good a speaker is Rev West that even Roger Phillips delayed going to the pub, so engrossed was he in what the good reverend was saying.

So meet you all tonight in the Home of the Green Arrow - Promoting the BNP paltalk room where Bertie Burt will be hosting the evening.