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Monday, 30 August 2010

AN URGENT APPEAL BY Andrew Brons MEP to all Patriots


Dear Fellow Patriot,

During the last year, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), acting on behalf of the British government (of both the Brown and Cameron-Clegg administrations) has been trying to divide, bankrupt and thereby destroy the British National Party.

The action has cost the Party a lot of money. Why? Would it not have been possible to accede to the demands of the EHRC from the outset and avoid the legal costs? It would have been legally possible but not politically possible. There would always have been an element of the membership that would have suspected that we were embracing the changes too willingly and threatened to break away from the Party.

Splinter groups have been trying unsuccessfully to win over those of our members who were unhappy about the changes in the membership criteria. However, the changes were passed at an Extraordinary General Meeting almost unanimously. There were only five votes against and five abstentions. The issue did not divide us.

Despite the Party having complied with the demands of the court, the EHRC is pursuing a further case against our Chairman, claiming that the changes that we had made did not go far enough and that our Chairman was therefore in contempt of court. This is a clear attempt either to bankrupt our party and sequester its assets or to imprison our Chairman or both. This is simply an attempt to ban the British National Party by the backdoor.

It is imperative that the Party should unite on this issue, if we are to protect our party from dissolution. Our lawyers must be paid so that they can protect us from this further attack by the EHRC.

The Electoral Commission, another quango, acting on behalf of the British government, has been concerned at the ability of our party to raise such large sums of money during the European elections and afterwards. Our opponents identified Jim Dowson as the person behind our fundraising success and determined to destroy him and his fundraising capabilities.

They could simply have appealed to our supporters to desist from making contributions to the party but that was hardly likely to work. Instead they used the oldest trick in the book: they made unsubstantiated allegations (and in one case a provably false allegation) of financial impropriety. This is an old trick but it does work with naïve and the stupid.

The combination of necessarily high expenditure and falling donations has caused a cash crisis that will last for a few months. I should like to ask you to join me in making a substantial donation each month for an initial period of six months to help the party get back on its feet. I would also like to ask those who are able to make a single substantial donation to the Party to do so.

Our party is the only chance that our nation has of being able saved for our children and grandchildren. If we fail, the British nation will be finished for all time. Please do what you can to prevent the Equality & Human Rights Commission, the Electoral Commission, Searchlight and the old gang parties from destroying our nation forever:

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Brons MEP
BNP Member of European Parliament