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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Reflection on Reverend West's Pal Talk Service


Time To Reflect after Reverend West's Pal Talk Service

The Reverend West
This Author was very happy to have found another avenue for the leaders, both politically, and spiritual, of this political party to give us a wider voice, by requesting their presence in the GA Pal Talk room. Had it not been for former Councillor Russell Green, it may have just been a fleeting glance, a swift look in now and again, and nothing more.  However, once on board, it seemed only natural that it be used to engage us all, any time GA and the other hosts allowed, and create a virtual meeting place.

With the latest guest, Reverend West, something stirred within all of us I think, and that is this simple, but forgotten fact: We have a solid Christian past that was steeped in genuine love of our nation, and that God had made such nations with intent and purpose. Reverend West's talk, and short sermon and prayer, allowed us an opportunity to reflect on his words. 

Also, realising what we have already lost, and will continue to lose if we do not pull ourselves together, both as a nation and party soon, it is prudent to offer another wise man's words, to hammer home this basic philosophy of protecting our traditions, architecture, and total way of life.

Ruskin said:

''The greatest glory of a building, is not in its stones, or in its Gold. It's glory is in its age, and in that deep sense of voicefulness of stern watching, of mysterious sympathy, nay, even approval or condemnation which we feel in walls that have long been washed by the passing waves of humanity.
It is in the lasting witness against men, the decline and birth of dynasties and the changing face of earth, and connects forgotten ages with each other. It is the golden stain of time that we are to look for the red light, and colour for the preciousness of its architecture. Not until the building has assumed this character, til it has been entrusted by the deeds and fame of men, till its walls have witnessed suffering, and its pillars rise out of the shadow of death that, its existence is more lasting than natural objects. It can be gifted to posses the very language of life.''
If the above quote has bored you, or you read it out of a kind of sympathy and duty to this Author, and found it unmoving, then the very reason for our potential demise is even more imminent. It is the very fabric of both our ancient Celtic (Keltoi) ancestry, and the architecture, languages and Socio-Cultural meaning of our Christian past that Ruskin was trying to convey. Our children know nothing of the Welsh, Irish, Scots, English (W.I.S.E) tradition of poem and verse. Our last generation of now grown up men and women, are now so limited in Intellectual opportunity that the above quote, would fill them with a face-wide yawn, and unable to read past The greatest glory of a building.

At the the end of the pointless and insane Second World War, and well into the Nineteen Sixties and beyond, a vicious and hateful era of government sponsored vandalism, ran riot up and down the country. Councils were given every encouragement to reform and modernise our towns, cities, and rural inheritance. Both architecture, and social engineering destroyed the fabric of our nation.

Let us please, seriously reflect on what we still have. And that people like our current Chairman, Reverend Robert West, and a whole host of activists and support networks, including without doubt, The Green Arrow and Friends, are well and truly protected, and continue to be loyally invested in.

The very word Reform, used by our enemies from Governments to Institutions, and from Law to recent anti Nick Griffin groups, should spell out an evil link to common sense folk. Reforming anything means changing, bending, and ultimately destroying, our very existence.

Thank God for Reverend West, for if he, a man of Christian philosophy can boldy and bravely support Nationalism, then we have a future for sure.

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