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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Marxist Totalitarianism sees opposition as insanity

Totalitarianism sees opposition as insanity

13TH AUGUST 2010: ANDREW Brons has sent a letter to the editor of the Spenborough Guardian in reply to a particularly sneering column that one its journalists wrote about Nick Griffin MEP being turned away from the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

Dear Sir
Those who see views with which they disagree as psychiatric conditions reveal more about themselves than they do about those they are attacking.
The article about Nick Griffin and the Palace Garden Party (29th July) tells us a great deal about Adam Wolstenholme's tenuous grasp of difficult concepts and also about his attitude to political dissent.
It would be tempting to see Mr. Wolstenholme's confusion between neuroses and psychoses simply as the unintended admission of somebody who got lost in the middle of a Teach Yourself Psychology book.
However, there is a more sinister side to this practice. Those of us who remember the Soviet Union will recall that political dissidents were routinely characterised as suffering from mental illnesses and incarcerated (above) in secure mental hospitals. Totalitarianism sees its own world view as incontrovertible truth and opposition as insanity.
Mr. Wolstenholme's article places him in appropriate, if not exactly good, company.
Yours faithfully
Andrew Brons
British National Party MEP
Yorkshire & North East Lincolnshire