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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

An insult too far for the USA No Mosque at Ground Zero

An insult too far  

by sarah Maid of Albion

As many of you may be aware the chances of a thirteen story Islamic Center and mosque being built next to the area in New York, known as Ground Zero, where the twin towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed by muslim fanatics in September 2011 are growing by the day.

If this abomination does come to pass then, were Mayor Bloomberg or indeed Obama to walk up to the spot where the towers fell, unzip their flies and urinate into the earth where the victims dies, they would not commit a greater act of deliberate contempt for the memory of the dead and for their families. I do not know enough about Bloomberg to comment on his motives, but I suspect as far as Obama is concerned, the offense it will cause is the point, it is certainly what is motivating those behind this sickening plan.

I would like to recommend the comments of two separate gentleman on this subject first the excellent Pat Condell, I missed this brilliant commentary when it was first posted in June, and I am grateful to TVJ for drawing it to my attention, you can either watch the video at this blog, or even better
An insult too far for the USA