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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Con-Dems Council House Secure Tenancy Plan What Will it Mean In Reality

Author, Horwich Nationalists

It was with some alarm that I heard today that the Con-Dem Axis of Evil were today announcing that they intended to change the Secure Tenancy agreements of millions of British Low income families!
I could not help thinking when it was mentioned that they will look at British Tenants circumstances and how they change over time. Twinned with the rise in the Population of the UK, through Immigration and the growth of the Ethnic population of the UK.

That many indigenous British people especially the Elderly will now be forced from their homes , were they raised their children and put a lifetime of effort and money into the properties the rent on behalf of the councils, in order that Immigrant and asylum seeking clans can have their properties! who,s rent will be paid for the oppressed British Worker once again.
So in effect not only will we be made homeless but we will be expected to pay for it to!
Alarmist you may think but by the past standards of the Marxist elite that now dominate the halls of Westminster, anything is possible that is to detriment of the true British People!

If you are reading this and thinking my goodness what can I do about it, WELL their is something that you can do join the British National party now, to have a SECURE HOME, A SECURE NATION, AND MORE THAN ANYTHING A SECURE FUTURE FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN  click this link to join NOW!