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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

If only Telegraphs Mr. Gilligan would take the trouble to investigate

If only Mr. Gilligan would take the trouble to investigate

6TH AUGUST 2010: Andrew Brons has written to the editor of the Daily Telegraph over an article written by Andrew Gilligan (right) entitled 'Our dangerous dalliance with radical Islam'.
Dear Sir
I feel so sorry for poor Andrew Gilligan. He would so like to be treated as a serious journalist but he simply cannot be bothered to carry out the necessary research. He clearly thinks that making yet more unsubstantiated jibes at the British National Party will win him friends in high places. He might be right.
In his latest outburst (6th August) he compares Islamists – Muslims who either wish to replace democracy with an Islamic dictatorship or sympathise with terrorism – with the British National Party. The BNP does not wish to replace democracy but to promote it and extend it. The BNP does not advocate violence; it is the victim of violent attacks from the David Cameron-sponsored UAF. Furthermore, the BNP opposes aggressive wars against Muslim states that serve only to turn ordinary Muslims into violent Islamists.
At the recent General Election, all small parties were squeezed but the average vote per contested seat received by the BNP was slightly higher than that received by the media-promoted UKIP and much higher than that received by the Green Party.
If only Mr. Gilligan would take the trouble to investigate before reaching for his keyboard, he might achieve his ambition of becoming a third rate scribbler.
Yours faithfully
Andrew Brons
British National Party M.E.P. for
Yorkshire & North East Lincolnshire.