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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Midlands Coventry BNP Holds “Picnic in the Park

Coventry BNP Holds “Picnic in the Park”

Coventry British National Party’s annual family “picnic in the park”, which took place at the beginning of this month, was another great success which drew 20 activists and their families, reports organiser Tom Gower.
“This event proves that the BNP is not just a mainstream political party but also a social movement which has held many events such as these over the years,” Mr Gower said.
“We like to keep these events non political, which enables us to attract not just members, but also their family and friends to show that BNP members are indeed good decent people, despite the lies of the mainstream media.
“Coventry BNP has many more social events on the calendar, such as BBQs and quiz nights and it’s something I urge every branch to try out once in a while, especially while the summer is still here.”
The event, held in fine sunshine at Coombe Abbey Country Park, coincided with a veteran motorcycle rally held by the Vintage Motor Cycle Club which provided an additional attraction. 
The BNP group met up at 11am and started out with a leisurely stroll around the park and caught up on gossip while the children played.
“Politics was certainly not on the agenda for the day and was a welcoming break from such matters. Everyone regrouped at 2pm and settled down to enjoy the picnic,” Mr Gower said.
“Many of the activists who were in a patriotic mood brought along with them picnic blankets in Red, White and Blue as well as a huge Union flag to show others in the park how unashamedly patriotic we are.
“Coventry’s super activist, John Hurren, bought along the branch mascot, his little dog Teddybear, who wore a BNP rosette for the whole day,” he concluded.