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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Liverpool BNP Active at Home and Nationwide

Liverpool BNP Active at Home and in North East

The dynamic Liverpool British National Party branch has continued with its ever-expanding reach of activities this past week with a leafleting campaign in Kirkby and helping out in Spennymoor in the North East.
A new entry on the Liverpool BNP blog reports that this week saw a “double-barrelled day of action for Liverpool BNP.
“Adam Walker is standing in a by-election in Spennymoor, so a team of Liverpool activists travelled to Durham to help with the campaign,” the Liverpool BNP blog reported.
“It was great to meet up with activists from the North East and despite the poor weather, spirits were high as the reaction from the public was very positive.
“We were canvassing door to door and judging by the response from the people of Spennymoor, it appears that Adam is in with a good chance of taking the seat on the town council.
“At the same time, we sent another team to Kirkby town centre. Although Kirkby is known as a Labour strong hold, the team was graciously accepted by the Kirkby locals.
“Most were happy to take a leaflet as our activists moved around Kirkby town centre and man showed support for the sentiment "British jobs for British workers" that adorned our leaflets.
“It was also greatly encouraging to be told by a passer by that they voted for us and planned to join.
“Saturday was a very productive day for Liverpool BNP and our hardworking and dedicated activists fully intend to keep up their good work.”
Liverpool BNP can be found by clicking here.