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Monday, 30 August 2010

Official Report Says Immigration Has Made Britain the Most Overcrowded Country in Europe

It’s Official: Immigration Has Made Britain the Most Overcrowded Country in Europe

The British National Party’s warnings that unchecked mass immigration would destroy the fabric of British society is coming true faster than even the most dedicated multi-culturalists would have hoped, as news emerges that we are no officially the most crowded country in Europe.
The BNP has warned for many years of the dangers to British identity caused by the mass importation of millions of people from the Third World and also of the environmental impact such a mass movement of people would have.
Now, new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the House of Commons Library have shown that England is (after the island of Malta) the most densely populated country in the European Union.
Last year, net migration was 196,000, an increase of almost 20 percent over 2008, while in the 12 months to June, the numbers granted permanent settlement in the UK rose by over a third.
Even this figure is deceptive in the sense that the calculation of “net” migration is based on a straight trade-off between those coming into Britain and those leaving.
Up to half a million Britons flee the Tory and Labour-created multi-cultural state every year, and they are replaced by an almost equal number of Third World immigrants.
It is from that trade-off that the net migration figure is calculated, whereas in reality the demographic shift in favour of the Third World is greatly amplified by the emigration figures.
The total number of people who entered Britain in 2009 was some 567,000. In the same year, some 371,000 Britons left, a slight decline from the 427,000 who left the year before.
In addition, some 362,015 visas were issued to foreign students in the twelve months to June this year, while the number of working visas fell 14 per cent to 161,000.
The vast majority of “student visas” issued (long acknowledged as the “easy way” around any immigration controls) means that the actual number of immigrants has risen once again.
“Study visas” have been shown time and time again to have been used to enter Britain illegally under the guise of attending utterly bogus colleges.
One of the most dramatic examples of this took place last year when the “Cambridge College of Learning” in east London, which had no link with Cambridge University and had only 11 desks, was shut after more than 2,500 ‘graduates’ applied for post-study working visas in two months.
Mass immigration is not only destroying the nature of British tradition and identity, but has also created intolerable pressures on public services and infrastructure such as schools, which are already buckling under the strain.
Urgent action is needed if Britain is to avoid being plunged over the abyss into Third World status.
Only the BNP has been right all along, and only the BNP has the policies and willpower to bring the situation under control.

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