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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Tory Party Chairman Supports the Burka as Investigation Reveals Extent of Islamic Paedophile Gangs in UK

Muslim Tory Party Chairman Backs the Burka as New Investigation Reveals Extent of Islamic Paedophile Gangs in Britain

The Muslim chairman of David Cameron’s Conservative Party, Sayeeda Warsi, has backed the wearing of the burka, a move which is perfectly in line with that party’s apparent desire to see Britain Islamified.
Conservative Party chairman Sayeeda Warsi wearing her native dress.Conservative Party chairman Sayeeda Warsi wearing her native dress.Ms Warsi, who was appointed as a “baroness” by David Cameron so that she can also sit in the cabinet without having to fight an election, claimed that wearing a burka does not prevent Muslim women “engaging in everyday life” in Britain.
Ms Warsi’s comments echo that of fellow Tory Environment Secretary
Caroline Spelman who said that the burka “confers dignity” on women and can be “empowering.”
The comments came just prior to a new Daily Mail investigation into Islamic paedophile gangs in Britain in which it is claimed that police and victims are often too scared to pursue the perpetrators for fear of being called “racist.”
Fortunately for the public, the British National Party has no such “fear” and has highlighted the growing problem of Muslim paedophile and grooming gangs in articles, videos and speeches.
The Daily Mail investigation echoes many of the points raised by the BNP, in particular the aspects relating to the refusal by authorities to investigate the matter for fear of offending Muslims.
According to the report, the Muslim gangs specialised in luring “naive local girls” into underage sex rings.
The men target white girls and ply them with alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.
“With rap music blaring, the men drove her around Leeds in a expensive cars, including a Bentley with personalised number plates. They bought her cheeseburgers at McDonald’s and gave her a new mobile phone,” the report states.
The girls are usually at first raped violently, and then threatened with extreme violence should they report the matter.
“They threatened to firebomb my home with my parents inside if I told anyone what they’d done, shoot me with a pistol, rape my mother and kill my older brother if I told anyone,” one of the victims said in the report.
“Most of the men running the sex slave gangs in the north of England are Asians of Pakistani origin. But very few of the authorities will admit this,” the victim said.
The refusal to address the root cause is “political correctness and a fear of being branded racist,” the report continues.
One mother from Yorkshire, whose 13-year-old girl was lured into sex slavery, told the Daily Mail reporter that “Almost every man found guilty of grooming under-age girls in this part of Britain is Asian, and everyone knows that.
“I think the police are over cautious about this issue because they fear being branded racist. That is wrong. These are criminals that should be treated as criminals whatever their race.”
The report concludes by saying that “Scotland Yard estimates that 5,000 British-born children are today under the control of sex-slave gangs across the UK.”
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