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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

International Taliban Sniper Squads Reveal International Nature of Islamist Threat

Taliban Sniper Squads Reveal International Nature of Islamist Threat

The news that British special forces have killed at least four non-Afghan Muslim snipers responsible for at least ten British soldiers' deaths has revealed the international nature of the Islamist threat into which the Labour and Tory regimes have plunged Britain.
According to reports, at least six highly trained foreign snipers have been recruited by the Taliban from Muslim countries around the world to kill British troops in Afghanistan.
The snipers came from Pakistan, Egypt and Chechnya, and are apparently all military veterans of those nations' armed forces.
They work in teams of two, one to spot and another to shoot. Snipers are notoriously hard to track down because they usually only fire one round and then leave or change position.
News of the death of the snipers will only come as a temporary relief for British troops in Helmand, who are targeted even when in supposedly protected positions.
An army commander, quoted in the media, confirmed the nature of the danger by saying that the “trouble is that we can take two snipers out and another two will be recruited to replace them.”
The international nature of the Taliban’s fighting force has highlighted that organisation’s ability to draw on Islamist support from all over the world.
According to a report last year, British soldiers have found themselves engaged in what they called a "surreal mini civil war" against thousands of Muslims from Britain who had travelled to Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban.
A now-famous briefing paper issued by MI5 revealed that radio intercepts in Afghanistan have detected voices "speaking with West Midlands accents" in Helmand and other parts of southern Afghanistan.
The paper also revealed that these Muslims from Britain had first travelled to Pakistan and Somalia for training before taking up active service against British troops in Afghanistan.
The MI5 report said that up to 4,000 Muslims from Britain had taken part in the Jihad in Afghanistan.
In other words, the insane decision to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, on the flimsiest basis and outright lies, has served to galvanise the already hostile Islamic world into action against Britain.
The British National Party is the only political party to have correctly identified the two causes of terrorism in Britain: Tory/Labour foreign policy and mass immigration.
Britain will only be safe once again when both these issues are addressed.