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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Radio Red White Blue Expands Programming Selection

Radio RWB Expands Programming Selection

Radio RWB has continued to expand its range of programming with the launch of a personality interview section and soon-to-be daily news bulletin, project coordinator John Walker has announced.
RadioRWBRadioRWBThe first part of the new programming schedule is already live and consists of a discussion with BNP foreign affairs spokesman and author Arthur Kemp on the topic of his Four Flags: The Indigenous People of Britain book.
“This marks the first of a series of interviews with personalities on topics which we know will be of great interest to our listeners,” Mr Walker said.
In addition, plans are well-advanced to create a daily news bulletin in conjunction with the BNP News web team, which will run Monday to Friday at 8pm, called The World at 8.
“On Sunday afternoon we will have a World at 1 report as well,” Mr Walker said.
“Internet radio offers us the opportunity to compete for the first time on an equal playing field with the controlled media and we fully intend to ensure that we take up our space on the virtual airwaves,” he said.
The first of the new interviews can be found by clicking here.
Radio RWB has also opened a virtual shop where listeners can download nationalist music in MP3 format directly to their computers. The shop can be found by clicking here.