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Friday, 6 August 2010

Opposing 'Eurabia' - The Time for ACTION is now! A Message From Nick Griffin MEP


Opposing 'Eurabia' - The Time for ACTION is now!
David Cameron and his slick PR machine convinced
large numbers
of desperate British folk during the recent election
that he would bring genuine 'change' to our country.
The Cameron honeymoon period has already ended
and his true, treacherous intentions are revealed for all to see.
Practically every single Conservative election pledge,
including their 'daft' immigration promises,
have been ditched with breathtaking speed and openness. 
The BNP's frank statement that Lib-Lab-Con election pledges 
are totally fraudulent has been proved fundamentally correct.
But nothing could demonstrate any better that the old Conservative Party
and its support for traditional British values is totally dead
than the sickening sight of David Cameron this week visiting Turkey 
and promising to promote and support the entry of Turkey into the European Union.
Firstly, Turkey is not a European country, 
but a nation of the Middle East, with traditions, culture
and a way of life 
that is completely alien to traditional Europe.
Secondly, Turkey is an Islamic country with a population of
around 80 million. 
Every country of the European Union is Christian
with a Christian heritage that is completely at odds with Islam.
If Turkey is granted entry into the European Union,
that would mean that 80 million Muslim low-wage
Turks would be able to move freely across Europe. 
Even the most sensible observers admit this would trigger a tidal wave 
of Muslim immigration into Europe totally changing
the face of our continent
Making this nightmare scenario even more terrifying is
the fact that Turkey 
has just relaxed immigration controls on its eastern borders
touching its
Middle Eastern neighbours.
This means that the untold countless Islamic millions
of the Middle East only have to cross the lax border
into Turkey and they
immediately are entitled to travel to Britain,
claim asylum and work within the EU.
The entry of Turkey into the EU would be nothing less than
a total catastrophe for Britain and for Christian Europe, 
and is the first stepping stone on the path to creating the
liberal-left dream of 'Eurabia',
the fusion of Europe and the Middle East.
This is why the British National Party is
leading the British resistance to the European Union, 
to the mass immigration displacing
our people from our own homeland, 
and to the evil plan to bring Turkey -
a gigantic Muslim country - into the EU, 
leading to a disastrous new wave of migration
into our Continent.
The time for talking is over -
now is the time for action!
Is that the future you want for your children? 
Will you regret it when it is too late and you wished
you would have joined the
British Resistance when you had the chance?
The British National Party is
Britain's fastest growing political party,
with dozens of councillors, 
a seat on the Greater London Assembly
and two seats in the European Parliament.
The clock is ticking, our country is dying,
and our beautiful innocent children are
depending on us to save their future.
Here are the different membership options:

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Thank you in advance for your loyalty and support.
Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party