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Saturday, 28 August 2010

What kind of country treats foreigners better than its own pensioners?

What kind of country treats foreigners
better than its own pensioners?
Dear Fellow Patriot,
Imagine a government that treated its own elderly with less priority 
than undeserving foreigners. Imagine a government that cut the benefits 
of our elderly whilst simultaneously spending over nine thousand million pounds 
on the Third World.
Such a government would rightly be subjected to a backlash of righteous
public disgust and cast onto the rubbish heap at the first available election.
Not so in Britain. The ‘conservative’ government of David Cameron
has cut the winter fuel allowance for our long suffering elderly folk
whilst at the same time expanding aid for Afghanistan, ring fenced 
the budget for the ongoing and unwinnable war in Afghanistan and
protected from his much trumpeted spending cuts the entire bloated 
foreign aid budget. Doesn’t it make you seethe with anger and disgust?
David Cameron doesn’t care though about our elderly folk, some
40,000 of whom died from cold last winter, as he is a multi-millionaire,
and so are most of his cabinet.
Imagine a government that scrapped foreign aid and spent those
billions on our own people. Imagine a government that immediately
withdrew our troops from Afghanistan, leading to the halt of any more
British deaths. Imagine a government that withdrew Britain from the 
EU and made us a fully sovereign independent nation state once again.
Imagine a government that halted all further immigration and introduced 
a ‘British first’ policy tied with voluntary repatriation, leading to a 
country were we feel at home in once again. Imagine a 
government that banned all extremist Islamic groups and d
eported all those connected to extremist groups.
Imagine a government that crushed crime and put the rights of 

victims first before criminals. Imagine a government that
vigorously promoted British culture, traditions, history and 
national identity.
Imagine a government that took the banking system by the 
scruff of the neck and used it to rebuild British industry, 
creating millions of well paid and secure jobs. Imagine a
government that stopped welfare scroungers from abusing
the system and made layabouts work for their benefits.
Imagine a government that rejected political correctness 
and provided common sense policies to transform our 
country in the decent, honourable homeland for our people it once was.
David Cameron and his ConDem coalition government, 
or the disastrous and failed Labour government that 

preceded it, cannot provide such a government –
only the British National Party can build a bright future
for our people in our own land under our own customs and laws.
That is why YOU must make the decision today to
join the British Resistance and join in the political struggle
to make our country a home for future generations of our own people.
The British National Party is Britain's fastest growing political party,
with dozens of councillors, a seat on the Greater London Assembly
and two seats in the European Parliament.
The clock is ticking, our country is dying, and our beautiful innocent 
children are depending on us to save their future. Here are the 
different membership options:
METHOD #1: Join the British Resistance
The BNP is the only hope for our country, for our children and grand-children. 
There are thousands of people receiving this e-bulletin that are not members yet.
Why not join the British Resistance to political correctness, multiculturalism
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METHOD #2: Become a Life Member
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Thank you in advance for your support.
Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party