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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Southampton Councils Double Standards on Dress Codes Mini NO! Hijab YES!

WOMEN wearing mini-skirts could be sent home from work, a council has warned staff. In an amazing but not unexpected type of a statement from the Marxist infiltrated councils we now have in the UK. Southampton City Council has banned its female workers from showing off their legs to avoid shocking the public.
A memo sent to 400 staff insists they dress in “appropriate” clothing including trousers, informal dresses or skirts of “reasonable” length – but “not mini-skirts”. The memo was sent to social workers, youth workers, educational welfare officers and others in children’s services.
It said: “Please try to dress smartly, in line with other professionals you come across in your work, and in a way that shows respect to children and families.” 

This just shows the double standards of these out of touch PC riddled morons who have wormed their way to positions of authority at all levels of government via the Liberal Labour and Conservative parties. On one hand they are quite willing to deny any pretty girl the chance to show of a nice pair of legs. Probably because they are over weight lesbian Marxist types , who would only be attractive to a hard up Baboon or a African wanting UK residency? 
And yet on the other hand demand that we have to put up with the offensive sight of a woman forced to wear the hijab that is a offensive 13th century form of oppression, that has no place in any half civilised country, least of all in the UK. if you like me are sick to death of these double standards , just do not sit back and just moan , do what I did join the British National Party now by clicking this secure link