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Saturday, 28 August 2010

The 'Equalities Commission' are determined to jail political party officers

The 'Equalities Commission' 
are determined to jail party 
officers including myself!

fighting fund
fighting fund
Dear Fellow Patriot,
You may recall that last year I predicted
that the equalities commission was absolutely

determined to have me thrown in jail. On Tuesday
the 7th September the future of the British National Party could well be decided and I could be 
sent to prison!
We as you know have done all we were 
asked for by the courts, we opened up the 
membership and removed 'controversial' 
articles etc, but still they attack us! 
Just what have we to do to satisfy 
these people? DIE OFF, THAT'S WHAT!
Trevor Phillips and the rest of 
his establishment attack dogs are 
hell bent on killing the BNP off once and for all by bankrupting our top officials and 
leaving them homeless, penniless 
and perhaps behind bars. Just imagine 
if it where your name on these writs?
It is indeed scary stuff, that's why we 
must stand together in this desperate
and dangerous time. We will suffer the blows but we need your
support to do so.
Courage, truth and justice, 
that's how we will beat the 
Equalities Commission!
They think by imprisoning me and some other officials 
we will fold! Well let me tell them and assure you, I will 
never bow down to their threats. Jail me, strip me of 
everything but they can never take my dignity nor can 
they ever dent my pride and honour in being the Chairman 
of this maligned and battle hardened party.
I am your chairman and I give you a solemn oath to 
fight these bullies, if I need to go to prison to defend 
this party and our people I will cherish my incarceration
as an honour on your behalf. I have the full support of
my wife and children and now I need the support of 
every true nationalist in the country.
I need you to stand tall with me as we face the wrath
of the establishment bully boys. There is no knight in 
shining armour to save us, just TRUTH, HONOUR 
Like our forebears, I will 
never bow the knee to tyranny. 
They can expect nothing less from us than total resistance.
I will fight, but I truly need your help right now, and be 
assured there will be NO SURRENDER! As I write you this 
personal letter we are only a few short days away from the most
momentous event in our party's history.
The 'Equalities Commission' have spent vast sums in
an attempt to destroy this party. I must be very frank 
with you: we have the fight of our lives before us. 
But just pause for a moment, consider the battles 
our forefathers had in their generations at Waterloo, 
Ypres, the Somme, Dunkirk, D-day and the Falklands.
Where would we be now without their sacrifices?
Men and women of our blood have triumphed against 
staggering odds to defend our proud nation. Now in 
our time, we must also take up the torch of freedom 
and liberty. We don't have to sacrifice our life blood 
but we will have to sacrifice our time and money to 
fight and to survive this current onslaught.
Our enemies are almost 
strong enough
- watch the horrors unfold! 
But we will not give up.
Immigration, multiculturalism and political correctness
are destroying Britain. Without a strong nationalist 
voice our children have no future in this country and
face a bleak future where they will become a 
dispossessed and despised minority in their own homeland.
Only the British National Party can stop this,
that's why they must destroy us. 
The 'Equalities Commission'
(CEHR) are at this very moment 
poised to destroy this party!
They and their political masters are already celebrating
the demise of the BNP and 'GRIFFIN IN PRISON'.
They think we're on the ropes, backed into a corner, 
maybe we are? But now we're coming out FIGHTING!
We need to fight and we need to win. Will you help
me to defend our rights? Will you help light the torch 
of bold defiance and liberty? The Equalities Commission 
have tried to bankrupt us and know they want to jail us..
.what is next, an assassin's bullet?
This fight is all or nothing-winner takes all: it's as simple as that.
You can thwart their evil plan to destroy us in 
court on the 7th of September by backing this party financially.
REMEMBER: your cheques and 
postal orders or credit card 
donations are the weapons 
the traitors fear most.
Your indomitable spirit and kindness in giving 
generously to preserve all that we all hold dear
can and will destroy their feckless and wicked
plans to destroy first the BNP, and then every 
last vestige of Britishness they can.
What you do now will have implications for 
generations to come, your actions now may 
well mean the difference between victory and 
defeat for this Party and our British Heritage on 
September the 7th.
We are not only fighting for ourselves, 
we are fighting to ensure our children 
and grandchildren still have a country
 to call their own.
The weight of history rests upon OUR shoulders today,
what will future generations say of our actions? 
Nobody wanted this expensive fight except our enemies, 
now we have it, let's turn it to our advantage!
I know you receive many requests
for help, but you and I both know
that we are fighting for the 
very survival of this party.
Would it be possible for you to consider a gift of £1000?
If not, would a gift of £500 be within your reach?
I am earnestly hoping that you dig deep 
and make the biggest sacrifice you can. 
I am counting on a few large gifts but I am 
also depending on a multitude of gifts of £25, 
£35, £50, £100 and £200. Please send whatever you can, 
straight away.
I need an urgent response to this email! 
Our future is literally at stake! Every day lost
in launching our legal fight back will cost us dear.  

I am prepared to go to prison to defend 
our cause but I don't
want to see good party officials lose everything 
and possibly being thrown in jail with me.
That's why I must urge you to respond today. 
Please tell me that I can count on your support and action.
Can I tell the other officials on the writ that you are solidly
behind them? This will mean a lot to Simon Darby and 
Tanya Lumby at this time:

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Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party
PS: We need to raise this money in the
NEXT FEW DAYS to make the necessary
arrangements to defend our Party and our
vulnerable officials. The so-called 'Equalities Commission'
and the other traitors hope that you will set this email aside
and forget about it - that's why I hope that you will send your
most generous gift right away.