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Monday, 30 August 2010

The BNP is the Party of the Ethnic British Forever Plus Nick Griffin Speech

The BNP is the Party of the Ethnic British and Will Never Change

The British National Party is the party of the ethnic British people and will never apologise for or change that position, Nick Griffin MEP said at the end of the first indigenous family weekend today.

Addressing the final event of the two-day long outdoor gathering attended by around 200 people, Mr Griffin also warned against attempts by civic nationalists to infiltrate and destablise the BNP.
He pointed out that it was a Marxist tenet to believe that all variations in society could be ascribed to economics along. This view had become the norm for all political parties in Britain, except the BNP.
“Don’t think David Cameron is any different,” Mr Griffin said, adding that all political parties from the far left right through to UKIP endorsed the civic nationalist view which allocated nationality and identity purely on the basis of economics.
“Civic nationalism is actually a Marxist mentality which starts at the very far left, comes through the BBC, the Labour Party, the Lib Dems and the Conservatives,” he said.
“There are even people in this party who are also civic nationalists. Now some of them are perfectly decent people but are beguiled by the ideology which is in is part somebody else’s, is Marxist and so is desperately wrong.
“That is why they all on the same side trying to destroy this party, because we are the ethnic British, the English, the Scots, the Irish and the Welsh, and we do not apologise for it and we will never change it,” Mr Griffin said to applause.
The weekend’s events were an unqualified success enjoyed mostly in fine weather, reports our correspondent.
Families pitched tents and caravans all over the site next to the gently flowing river and all of Saturday was taken up with a series of youth-orientated activities which included fishing, campfire making, games and similar activities.
In the evening, a well-attended folk sing along was held in the main marquee, after acoustic performances by professional singers and a superb hog roast put on by the caterers.
The recitation of folk music was captured on film and for Radio Red, White and Blue. Full reports  will shortly be online at that radio station which you can find here.
Sunday morning started off with a church service by the Rev. Robert West. His sermon dealt with the corruption of the clergy and the resultant destruction of Britain’s moral compass.
The ever-popular James Whittle was up next and provided a fascinating nationalist slant on two famous battles which helped shape Britain’s history, Shrewsbury and Malden