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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Muslims Must Stop Their Medieval Treatment of Women or Leave the UK

uslims Will Halt Their Medieval Attitudes Towards Women or They Must Leave, Says Nick Griffin

There is a clear link between Islam and sexual grooming and it is unacceptable in modern western countries and if Muslims will not change their medieval attitudes towards women they will have to leave, Nick Griffin MEP said in Tameside last night.
Speaking to a packed meeting (which was interrupted part way through by a power cut which affected the town), Mr Griffin discussed in detail the historical and cultural links which has caused the problems now faced by Britain and other Western nations with large Muslim immigrant populations.
Mr Griffin also dealt with the threats to send him to jail issued by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission and mentioned the Tony Bamber case where a BNP activist was put on trial for merely mentioning the link between Muslim communities and the “drug jihad” against British people.
The full speech can be viewed in three parts below.