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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Aesops Fables The Bitch and Her Whelps or the Immigrants in the UK

 Following is one of Aesops fables, now anyone with any semblence of intteligence, can find what meaning their is in this fable concerning the Immigrant and their descendents into this once great land, it is quite obvious that the Shepard is the British People & Nation and the Bitch is the Immigrants who have been allowed into this country, for now we see in our political system the Bitch surrounded by it,s whelps, snarling it,s teeth at the Shepards into gain the Land as it,s own.

The Bitch and Her Whelps, Aesop
A Bitch, ready to whelp, earnestly begged a shepherd for a place where she might litter. When her request was granted, she besought permission to rear her puppies in the same spot. The shepherd again consented. But at last the Bitch, protected by the bodyguard of her Whelps, who had now grown up and were able to defend themselves, asserted her exclusive right to the place and would not permit the shepherd to approach.